Italian Foreign Affairs Minister in Israel

while Palestinians are denied freedom of movement

Gianfranco Fini, the man who said that Mussolini was one of the world’s greatest Statesmen, and who currently is also Italy’s Vice President and leader of Alleanza Nazionale, the modern version of Mussolini’s Fascist party made his first visit to Israel as Foreign Affairs minister, but certainly not his first to Israel as a representative of Italy. I find the letter to Al-Awda Italia by Susanne very interesting, and want to translate it and pass it on:

“The news of the public network, RAI, is transmitting the news that the Foreign Affairs minister, Gianfranco Fini, has begun his visit to Israel. In such a context, they claimed that he declared that Italy would be ready to help the Palestinians to resolve their major problem, that of (Israel’s) security, in the concrete way of training Palestinian policement by “our specialised personnel”. Strangely enough, this news does not appear on any of the numerous sites – American, English, German, Arab or Iranian – that I have trawled through in order to find news on Fini’s visit to Palestine. No one seems to have noticed the presence of Gianfranco Fini in the Middle East.

The Chinese site Xinhuanet rather, informs us today that Fini invites the Palestinians to combat their endemic terrorism, the Zionist occupation forces have completely closed the seaside road that runs from Gaza City to the south of the Gaza Strip. According to Xinhuanet, this morning, some bulldozers left the Israeli settlement of Netzarim and have destroyed portions of this road. As a consequence, the Palestinians who are residents can no longer go to Gaza City and the other towns along the way as well as the refugee camps and vice versa and no one knows how those who pass from the Egyptian confines towards the Strip can reach their destinations within the Strip. In order to inform the public that for the category of Palestinians, the right to movement has been abolished, the Israeli armoured tanks are alligned along the perimetre of Netzarim and they are shooting at anyone who tries to pass using the seaside road.

See it to believe it:


One response to “Italian Foreign Affairs Minister in Israel

  1. I think the classic (and, indeed, only) exposition of the historical links between Mussolini and Jabotinsky is this one, compiled by the Australian Laroucheans:

    “By 1934, Jabotinsky and his Betar youth movement had made an alliance with Il Duce, when the Betar established a naval training academy at Civitavecchia, Mussolini’s naval base north of Rome. L’Idea Sionistica, Betar’s Italian-language magazine, described the dedication ceremonies which launched the academy: “The order — ‘Attention!’ A triple chant ordered by the squad’s commanding officer — ‘Viva L’Italia, Viva Il Re! Viva Il Duce!’ resounded, followed by the benediction which Rabbi Aldo Lattes invoked in Italian and in Hebrew for God, for the King, and for Il Duce … ‘Giovinezza’ [the fascist party’s anthem] was sung with much enthusiasm by the Betarim.”

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