The al-Zarqawi legend

This is the suggestive theory posited in an article by Scott Ritter, from which I post excerpts:

“Rather than extremist foreign fighters battling to the death, the marines are mostly finding local men from Falluja who are fighting to defend their city from what they view as an illegitimate occupier. The motivations of these fighters may well be anti-American, but they are Iraqi, not foreign, in origin.

There is, indeed, evidence of a foreign presence. But they were not the ones running the show in Falluja, or elsewhere for that matter. As a result, the US-led assault on Falluja may go down in history as the tipping point for the defeat of the US occupation of Iraq.

Reflecting back, one cannot help but wonder if al-Zarqawi was used as a lure to trap the Americans into taking this action. On the surface, the al-Zarqawi organisation seems too good to be true. A single Jordanian male is suddenly running an organisation that operates in sophisticated cells throughout Iraq. No one man could logically accomplish this. But there is an organisation that can – the Mukhabarat (intelligence) of Saddam Hussein.

Another factor was to shift the attention of the US military away from the true heart of the resistance – Saddam’s Baathist loyalists – and on to a fictional target that could be manipulated in an effort to control the pace, timing and nature of the US military response.

According to my contacts, the goal in creating a foreign Islamist face for the violence taking place in Iraq is to get the Iraqi populace to turn away from Iyad Allawi and the US military as a source of stability, and endorse the return of the Baathists (under a new guise, to be sure), who would then deal with the Islamists by shutting down an operation the Mukhabarat thinks they control.”


One response to “The al-Zarqawi legend

  1. Alas, the perspicacious Scott Ritter is still assuming that the US does not want civil war. however, it is quite likely that the US would be quite happy with civil war, since this would Balkanise the entire area and make the various well-known oil-related and zionist-related projects so much easier.

    My own opinion on radical Sunni guerrilla warfare is that much of it is sincere but that the US lets it happen for the reason above given. Therefore, I do not regard it in general as the work of provocateurs, though certain acts are (attacks on Shi’ite mosques after Zarqawi changed policy against this, for instance). I’m afraid it’s naive to reject this view on the grounds that it allows Americans to be killed ; ‘black’ strategies often allow some of one’s own forces to be killed.

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