Laura Nader

Laura Nader (yes, she’s Ralph’s sister) is an anthropologist who says: “Americans need to start practising democracy. Our founding fathers placed the war-making power in the hands of Congress where decisions could be openly debated. Slowly we are coming to realise that a dozen unelected men and one woman are making decisions that can compromise the lives of American fighting forces, the lives of the Iraqis we say we want to liberate, the future of American schools, healthcare, our relations with old allies — the costs of war are unfathomable.”

“Today we face the consequences of the unilateral invasion of a sovereign country, which at the time of the invasion posed no threat to the US,” she stresses. “The Bush administration is blind to facts in Iraq.”

“We live in a time heavy with ideology and propaganda, so it behooves all of us to question accepted wisdoms, in the academy especially.”

I suggest reading the comments Ms Nader makes on a large quantity of subjects, from corporate America and the pursuit of artificial happiness, from Edward Said and Rifaa Al-Tahtawi to the state of affairs in academia. I’d like a Nader-Nader double bill next time!


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