Aggressors at Bi’lin were Israeli undercover cops

Video uncovers undercover agents from IMEMC.

In a Jerusalem press conference, Israeli leftist groups who took part in the Belein village demonstration on April 28, presented a video that shows undercover soldiers throwing stones from the protesters’ side to provoke violence.

Elan Frenkel (AIC), Uri Avnery (Gush Shalom), Yonathan Pollack (Anarchists Against the Wall) and MK Gamal Zahalkeh (Balad) took part in the conference.

Speakers accused Israeli security forces with preparing in advance a trap for the demonstrators for the purposes of trying out new methods and new weapons.

They affirmed that the sole incidents of violence against the security forces came from the undercover agents, who are believed to belong to the Israeli Prison Service, disguised as Arabs. It was pointed out that the Prison Service admitted the next day that its agents had indeed thrown the stones, and that this is their way of merging in the crowd.

During the conference, a documentary was shown. The film shows clearly that the security forces shot many dozens of gas grenades at the demonstrators without any provocation. The demonstrators were not violent at any stage.

In particular, the film shows how the undercover agents, who look in the beginning like ordinary demonstrators, suddenly take off their masks, don police caps and draw revolvers, using ferocious violence to arrest the persons next to them, for no apparent reasons.

The films can be viewed on the Gush Shalom website


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