Israeli college offers outpost housing in West Bank

An Israeli university deep inside the West Bank is offering students accommodation at two Jewish outposts built on occupied Palestinian land.

The first institution of its kind in a Jewish colony, the College of Judea and Samaria will require some students to live at two “wildcat” outposts.

According to its website on Thursday, the illegal colonies of Nofei Nehemia and Rehelim – a few kilometres outside the northern West Bank settlement of Ariel – will provide cheap accommodation.

Nofei Nehemia offers three-room caravans to religious and married students at a cost of $147 per month while Rehelim provides singles, young couples and families caravans among its religious community for $80 per person per month.

The new university, about 20km inside the internationally recognised Palestinian border with Israel, has provoked a storm of protest from the Palestinian public.

A university spokesman told on Thursday that he would not comment on accommodation at unauthorised outposts because he did not accept that they were illegal.

However, Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmad Qurei described the university project on Tuesday – and the extension of Israel’s security barrier in the West Bank – as “extremely dangerous moves”. Several demonstrations have already taken place.

full article here


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