blogger day – YO Sabbah!

The wonderful Sabbah Haitham got a lot of other bloggers involved in a little game:

It seemed like such a good idea at the time! Mention five blogs…especially ones that aren’t our mirrors.

It is hard, Sabbah, and I’m gonna have to slug you! But I thought about it and came up with some stuff:

Everyone knows Umkahlil’s blog is my fave blog. So, I won’t mention it, and if you haven’t been there, go. Now.

Then, after that, there are so many I like.
A Screamer in the Matrix I have mentioned before, but can’t recommend it highly enough. Great prose, incredible and thought provoking posts from Erlenda. We differ on a lot of things, and I found this blog while trying to see what progressive voices were saying about Terry Schiavo. It was the best argumentation I had ever read which was opposite of my opinion. This person has an amazing mind.

Semitism is a fantastic blog, unfortunately it seems to be unaccessible for a few days because of bandwith being exceeded. But, if you haven’t been, you must try some time, because Andrew has set up so many features, RSS feed of other blogs, a vocal section, headlines… He is an amazing person, and we differ in that he is a Two Stater. If all two Staters were like him, I think conversation would always be fruitful.

Under the Same Sun… a classic. Probably the first blog I was hooked on!

Syria Looks is a beautiful blog that has pictures, interesting blurbs of daily life and is just a site that makes me smile, when I need something positive.

Winds of Change in the Middle East? is a blog I just adore. Every time he writes “Israel”, I laugh out loud. If only I could play chess well….

There are so many others I like, Free Iraq is amazing, probably the best Iraq blog I have seen. I also enjoy Angry White Kid, Critical Montages, which hasn’t been updated in centuries, and Sam Smith’s Undernews. I LOVE so many Italian bloggers, MIRUMIR is a goddess, Kelebek is wisdom and gentleness itself, Salemelik is an amazing writer and artist…. All of these and others are in my sidebar, so take a look now and then. I wish I could have added more, Catcus 48, Palestine Blogs, Unfair Witness, Simon Jones… I love them all.


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