Bloggers and sites for ROR

As many know, Umkahlil has set up a Right of Return Webring, where all bloggers or individual people who run sites can link in a webring. Any blogger who supports the Right of Return and occasionally posts information on it can join. Just tell Umka (or me) your URL and we will add you and ask that all the Webring blogs add you, so that the message gets spread as well as building up a wider readership for your blog.

Additionally, I’ve finally updated the blog menu a bit. You will see I pushed the links up higher, since I would like to see a community of blogs that we all can enjoy and share. I’ve tried to find most of my links on the slips of paper floating around this mess of a desk, but if anyone whose blog or site should be here but is not would point out the link, I’ll see to putting it up as soon as possible.


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