this is the reader-participant post!

Since I appreciate that people come to read this blog, (and a bit stimulated by an idea by Gianluca), I want to make the comments segment of this post part of an interactive project. I am creating a “Conflict Terminology Dictionary”, with one eye on Ambrose Bierce and the other on our own talents in looking at reality, current events, the mass media and ourselves.

Topics that are allowed:

* anything Peacepalestine has written on from its inception. This includes the comments section, so you can also enjoy yourselves by bringing the comments section into the fray.

* anything having to do with the Middle East, Iraq, Afghanistan, militarism, Zionism, activism, the NATO, the mass media and how it treats all of these issues

What is not allowed:

* defamation. Remember, defamation is illegal and unless you can substantiate insults and smears with accurate evidence, it is not permitted in this game and will be deleted from the comments block as soon as I see it.

What will happen with this?

The best will be edited into a small compendium, just for enjoyment purposes. They may be picked up by other media outlets, so if you want to sign it, you can do that.

ALSO!!!! In the next few days, I will be revising the blogroll and outgoing links section. I will be adding many new links and eliminating a few old ones. If there is a link you think should be here, please let me know! I have a list of about 30 that I’ve been meaning to add, and will get to it shortly!


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