Tamim Tamimi – Home… My Sweet Palestine

A young man’s mature poetry of yearning. How can such a young man yearn so much? This is Palestine. This is the heart of the people of Palestine. It gives birth to pain that never goes away, a pain that makes young men grow up quickly and grow up sad, but a pain that creates music. Where there is music, there is hope. It is Music for Home. For the home he will one day embrace again. It is waiting for him, and he will be there!

My sweet Palestine home
My heart misses you
If you only knew me
If you only knew what’s in my heart
I’m wounded
Wounded because of you
Because I had to leave you
Nights I remember of you is all I got
My memory can’t or doesn’t want to
Doesn’t want to remember you
When I remember you my heart breaks
My eyes falls into tears
My tears are asking me
Asking why they fell down
I told them ‘home’ my precious home

I still recall the smell of fresh olives of your land
I still recall the horses running over and into your canyons
The feeling that I miss you
The feeling that I miss you taught me how to sing
To sing for you
Only for you
From far away
I’ve been calling you
But until when
Until when should I repeat the voice of my pain
My wounds are screaming after you my land

* * *

In the middle of the night
The echo of my voice keeps waking me up
Reminding me of the photos of my granparents and of my death
I can’t go on shouting after you
No more
The silence of my voice
Turning into shouts
Sad shouts
I don’t care
Seas won’t forbid me
Walls can’t stop me
I shall reach you
The strings of my heart are playing for you
My voice is bleeding to sing for you
A thousand songs my home
A thousand songs I shall play for you
Tomorrow if not today
I shall reach for you my home

Tamim S. Tamimi
University Model School Of Jordan
8th grade
Amman, Jordan

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