Richard Jones – The Assassination of Fadel Shana

Painted on its side was a Star of David,
Which made it God’s chosen tank,
Impervious to criticism, omnipotent,
Invincible in the face of stone throwing kids.
The turret rotated and the muzzle,
Like a baleful Cyclops eyed its prey,
A four by four parked
A few hundred yards away,
An obvious target,
Marked with letters three feet high –
‘TV/PRESS’ – an obvious invitation to open fire –
After all, it’s open season on those who ask why?
And so the long barrel coughed once,
The rabbinical shell spun on its way,
Determined to have the final say,
Ripped the back of the car right off,
Splintered into flechettes,
Inch long darts, which sliced
Through his flak jacket, as if through chaff,
Cut his puny spine in half.
Two seconds after a puff of dust
Marked the moment of the shot,
His images gave way to static
At the moment his great heart burst.
An Israeli military official said, “We wish to express sorrow for the death of the Palestinian cameraman … It should be emphasized that the area in which the cameraman was injured is an area in which ongoing fighting against armed, extreme and dangerous terrorist organizations occurs on a daily basis.  “The presence of media, photographers and other uninvolved individuals in areas of warfare is extremely dangerous and poses a threat to their lives.”

see here, here and if you want to see what creepy new lies and mirror climbing the Zionist apologists for the assassination of civilians, journalists and emergency workers come up with, go here.On a stricly personal note: Glad to hear about your recovery, Richard, and thanks for the humanity, poetry and friendship. 

6 responses to “Richard Jones – The Assassination of Fadel Shana

  1. Oh, and see this pix for why the brutal IsraeloZionists have such an easy job killing innocent, defenceless Palestinian children.

    Come on, Hamas heroes! Give those ZionoNazimperialists more of a challenge! Make them earn that children’s blood for making their Passover bread!

  2. Print-screened and saved as jpg btw! Enjoy moderating.

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  4. Geez, once again i’m impressed with the advanced “poem technology” that the Palestinain activits bring to any argument.

  5. Poetry doesn’t seem to be helping.

    Might want to try honest negotiations.

  6. Good to see such a rational response. Keep it up. It all adds to my argument.

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