Auntie Ziona – Here comes trouble…

Auntie ZionaAnti-Zionist Jews or Jewish Auntie Ziona? We’re starting to see double! Just when you thought the days of being the loudest, proudest Jewish Anti Zionist fighting like mad against any other anti-Zionists and calling them Anti-Semites without any real reason to do so (especially if they were Jews) were long gone, a new blog pops up, and its name is hauntingly familiar… Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone at

So who is that “New Kind on Ze Block?” It’s a lady in her 60s from Golders Green, London, quite a gezunte Moid who loves tradition so much, she wears the same frocks her mother passed down (but she feels like a yefayfeyeh). From the looks of it, she doesn’t pretend to be hip like the Real Cool and Very Hip folks at Jewdass. She doesn’t party, much less does she think it’s nice to spend money to buy Challa when she can make a ten kilo loaf herself, cut it into daily portions and store it in the freezer because she found out it’s kashress. She doesn’t claim to read every paper about Jewishness like the Real Intellectual and Very Modern folks at Jews Sans Frontieres. She seems to get all her information from relatives. She does like politics and does imagine she knows who all the bad guys are… those who “should know better”, to quote a “famous” Palestinian page on a site. And in this, she is exactly like that tumler of her nephew that helped her set up a blog to look just like his, hoping it would increase his readership from three to ten so that he can get a Leftist Minyan going.

Auntie Ziona has the same obsession that her nephew does of stressing that when he talks, people listen because he is Jewish, she is proud of her tribe and decided to join the Ghetto of the Jewish Blogosphere to get her slice of the action. Also, because if you disagree with anything said, you get called Anti-Semite, and she likes that!

I don’t know if I feel like challenging her worldview, but she seems to want attention, and she might even get some. Look at me, even.. giving her a plug… She even has polls set up. The woman wants to connect. I don’t agree with her, but I hope she has better luck with the Blogger censors than I do. Freedom of speech and all that. So, Mazel Tov, Tante. And remember: Ein Blog iz mir!!


11 responses to “Auntie Ziona – Here comes trouble…

  1. So good to see that Tony has a new friend… I wonder if they belong to the same Hadassah Chapter.

  2. Mary, thanks my girl for mentioning my little blog. You’re a mensh after all. Knowing that you were born a nice Jewish girl, we’ve been a little worried about you down in Golders Green, what with all this Italian business and solidarity with those Palestinians – not very nice for your parents, my dear, for your family or for your people (the chosen ones). It’s time to save the Jews, I hope you can admit that finally…and I think you should come for Sabbat dinner one of these days. I’ll invite my newphew Mony and his beautiful friend Mr Trance, as I need to train him up for what to write on my Wiki entry for “Antie Ziona”. Together Against Racism.. and may G_d bless the Jews and give us milk and honey.

  3. Desert, it is not a friend, it looks to me like a family business….

  4. Mary,
    I like your new site. Good work! I am disappointed at the link to Joshua Holland’s foundation funded re-direction web site, alternot, though. He’s alot like your description of auntie ziona. znet isn’t much better either.

  5. You might be right, Atheo. I put up most of the links from the old blog, without updating too much or checking them out. I will check the content a little in the next few weeks and add lots of new blogs and sites and take off things that are no longer any use. If you have suggestions, please let me know.

    Also, a brand new site is about to start up in less than two weeks. You will love it!!! I’ll keep everyone posted when it does launch. It is going to be better than this.

  6. Smells like former CIA director, George Tenet – born as David Cohen!!!

  7. Mary,

    and also
    as well as

  8. Posted on Greenstein’s site:

    Listen Mr. Grinstein or Gripstein or whatever you wish to call yourself. You are a Zionist stalker. This is a fact. Your solo crusade against Atzmon, Rizzo, Eisen Blankfort, Marsheimer, Ben Dor are well documented & proved who you are & who you work for. And now apparently you add a young folk singer to your expanding (Swindler) list. If it is just your libidinal excitement you try to satisfy, why don’t you just log on to They have now launched a Hebrew section and with you around they may even consider Jewish anti Zionist porn for beginners.

    Considering your revolting, unlawful past and your established record as a robber of other workring men stealing their money, cards, chickens and toys nothing surprises us anymore. You are the modern day Fagin as well as a stalker of young women.

    This is why no one comes to support you publicly. Elf, Blackwell, Rosen, and even Rance, they are all silent. Once upon a time you were a shame for the Palestinian solidarity movement. But now you are just a Zionist criminal.

    Sarah, listen carefully.

    You have nothing to do here amongst this Jewish robber and his Scottish nationalist pal. I suggest that you approach Tony’s Auntie. Lady Ziona on

    She knows how to deal with this Mony Gripsten.
    She is pretty cute check her out.


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  10. Caucasians came from the area now called Israel, hence the name of the race, of or relating to the area of Caucasia. If you are Caucasian, you are a descendant of the Ancient Israelites. Any stalking or attacking you would be anti-semitic, since semitic is of the hebrew blood. Zionists are separate from those that practice the Judaic religion. Here is a link detailing exactly how the Zionists pulled it off over the past 100 years. Zionism and Judaism are of no relation.

    This link explains in depth how Zionism operates.

    I personally believe Zionism is again releasing anti-semitic propaganda in order for another catastrophic event in the United States of America similar to that in Germany.

    Divisions were created, within religions to create hatred between the masses, as is a tool of the Zionists. There should not be Jew vs. Christian, or Muslim vs Christian, because that hatred is a tool of Zionism. The proper battle is and should be The World vs. Zionists ie. the people who profit from all the hatred between the masses, classes, and people. Main target, Rothschild, formerly known as Bauer, a farmer. Begin exerting pressure to attain that aim, and things will change.

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