Wael Al Saad – The Logic of Resistance

You may wonder my explanation why Palestinian and the world are silent about Gaza. It may be the same reason why they have been silent about killing in Iraq, in Darfur or hunger in Africa etc. which are a product of an unjust system made by the bad part of us humans.

We have created this situation and the society, even the world we live in. This make each on of us is responsible for the current situation in Gaza.

So how can we face the real challenge together?

So long our communication channels are not well set up, our efforts are not effective and do not have any leverage and activism Information Management are not organized, so long no IT-group in this forum (PEF Palestinian-eForum – PEF) offer support to upgrade it from a 5000 member email-group into real advanced forum for all activists who believe in dialog and team work, so long as each focuses on his individual political point of view only and doesn’t listen, so long we do not step further and develop our co-creative consciousness,  we will not be able to plan any recognizable  strategy can be used to transfer the situation into another one. If we do not change ourself/minds the trend will keep on. And sure PNA and supporting whales is going with the trend.

The trend is not a resisting one. Our society is more material trendy than ever. No one is ready to give up something, anything, if he/she is not forced to. People want to have what others have. Consumption, comfort and survival is the trend, but not resistance.  Israeli products are almost in every shop in Jenin.

They cry because the flour prices raised so much, but they do not like to till the soil and seed the land. No one is willing to live primitive roots life, even most miss it or limit the trend on his personal costs.

They like warrior leaders, like Nasrallah (only to make my point clear), because a military solution does not need any self sacrifice by the majority. Because it is easier to put the challenge on someone else or on certain ideology. They just expect the warriors to finish the mission to establish new occupation in the age of power.

Yes, the power of non-violence is much difficult to have, because then each one who is committed is an individual resisting army.

In the end we have to put the finger in the middle of the wound. Each one of us is the problem and responsible. Either we say an honest NO for the occupation-matrix in all its dimensions and re-educate the society accordingly or we keep co-existing with it, feed it and support it.

This is the challenge of real liberation. This the crisis, which is to know what each wants to BE. To understand what does it mean to be Palestinian. Not to protest externally emotionally, but to protest internally continuously. To transform what it is.

We can not change the situation radically, but we can transform it and co-create a learning and consciousness evolution process, if we radically deeply commit to what we are.

Let me ask the 5000 members of PEF one thing: Can you give up using your cars for 1 month?

If 100 of you do and prints a T-shirt ” I walk for Gaza”, we have hope and hope is power. Otherwise we are killing Gazans. This is my logic.

Wael Al Saad is a Palestinian from Jenin. In the picture, Wael with one of his flowers.


14 responses to “Wael Al Saad – The Logic of Resistance

  1. Gandhi’s non-voilence never worked in his British occupied India or his advice to leaders of World Zionist Movement. In 1937 in response to Chaim Weizman’s appeal to use his influence as the ‘Supreme Guru’ of Indian National Congress – to support WZM’s dream of occupying British occupied Palestine – Gandhi advised German Jews to stay put and instead of migrating to Palestine – carry mass non-violent protests against Nazi authorities.

    I bet both Chaim and Ben Gurion must have called Gandhi “a dumb Fakir” – an insulting title given to him by Lord Churchill.

  2. good to know that Shaukat. I was not aware about it .. thanks for the info.

    For me here the question of non-violence should help understanding the real mission -real radical resistance- people feel uncomfortable by willing to follow. Look how difficult violence-free communication/dialog is.

    The same apply when people do 5 prayers and feel uncountable when they think what does it mean to do so an acting on the opposite. It is very difficult to BE resisting.

  3. Very inspiring piece Wael!

    It’s true that many Muslim Indians (as well as citizens of post partition Pakistan/Bangladesh) blame Gandhi’s non violence for the bizarrely long reign of British colonialism. But, its not for nothing that Gandhi has been canonised into a 21st century icon of wisdom & tolerance. Post humously, his brand of passive resistance seems to have cemented into Indian consciousness. I wonder to what extent this has contributed to India’s ability to withstand mass sectarian violence & territorial disputes & flourish into one the fasted growing economies in the world while Pakistan remains stunted by religious intolerance & corruption.

  4. Dear Wael….As a history nut – I would love to know where in the world oppressors (colonialists) did leave the Natives in peace as result of violence-free communication/dialogue?

    Islam commands the Believers to give such activity a chance – but if it fails and the oppressors keep applying their Zionazi tactics – then Islam commands the Believers to wage military resistance (Jihad in the name of Allah).

    The US, Zionist Jews, Russians, Buddists, and Hindus will never leave Muslim lands occupied by them – in a peaceful way. That’s the nature of occupation. Furthermore, Zionists’ ideology is based on “demographic” State – A State for Jews only.

  5. A while ago I was discussing with friends about ways of resistance while we were watching yet another bit of propaganda for Zionism called “the evening news”. At a certain point, my husband said, “If the people of Gaza just went on hunger strike, total passive resistance, people would start to notice and act. It happened in Ireland with the Maze prison…”. My two Palestinian friends here and one Syrian just looked at him with startled eyes and said, “they are already dropping off like flies and being killed in cold blood and the world doesn’t care.” But when we actually discussed it further, we realised that it is not what Palestinians do, but the IMAGE of what they do that others notice. There is an image of them as terrorists, and that is all others see. They do not see them as innocent vicitims. If it takes replacing the image in the minds of the public to one of the pure victim, which is what the utmost of passive resistance would do, then there might be some brave ones who attempt it. But, the problem is, no one can ask someone to sacrifice himself that way, and further, without the cameras…. no one would know.

    It is a hard situation, but getting the discussion out that there are people in Palestine who realise that delegating the resistance to someone else is not going to liberate them or anyone else, is an important thing.

  6. Sarah….here are some historical facts and figures for you to find out the true face of Hindu India behind the facade of official propaganda.

    Both Agha Khan and Mohammad Ali Jinnah, before they realized the true Hindu racist nature of All India Congress leaders – held the position of the Party.

    The ‘seperate Muslim State’, was originally coined by Congress leaders and not by the Indian Muslim League.

    Pakistan symbolized the Islamic rule for Muslims of British India. The country was taken over by pro-western secular elites after the assassination of its first prime minister, Liaquat Ali Khan.

    One of the first actions taken by Pandit Nehru, prime minister of Idia, was to abolish 500 pricely states and confiscated the land owned by big fuedal lords – while Pakistan maintained all those British toodies (aristocrats and fuedal lords), which has run the country in association with military rulers. All major political parties, PPP, Muslim League (N), Muslim League (Q), and NPP- are owned and headed by fuedal lords.

    According to UN records – India has world’s largest religious-ethnic communal riots – an average of one/day! In Pakistan, such trouble started after Gen. Zia ul-Haq open the doors to Saudi religious fanatics to attract Saudi and American support against Russian occupation of Afghanistan.

    There are over 220 million Hindu “untouchables (Shudhars)” – who are, politically and economically, living under the feet of three Hindu upper classes. Though India has the four world richest persons – more than 80% of its people live under poverty line. Contrary to that – most Pakistanis, though not rich, are still better fed and clothed.

    Most of Pakistan’s problems originate not from within – but its domination by foreign governments and aid agency. The country has been run, practically, by US and British ambassadors for the last four decades. 40% of Pakistan national budget is spent on Army, while less than 8% on education. The powerful Jewish Lobby in America has always considered Pakistan’s economic and nuclear progress – as a threat to Israel.

    Pakistan has the best talents amongst Muslim countries. It has given the western world some of the best scientist, doctors, engineers, economists, and academics, who instead of serving their motherland – are forced to work for the foreign interests.

  7. Shaukat, my idea is briefly to commit to our position against occupation. A clear NO with all side effects.
    I remember an article in Ha’araz about boycotts took place in north America in the 18th century against rich men oppressed part of the immigrants . I will try to chaise it. They was successful. The just ignored the oppressor. No one was allowed to talk with them.

    I bet with all of you, let the Palestinian ignore Israel for 6 month and cut all contacts with israeli authorities, avoid soldiers, work on internal debates instead and create resisting society by depending meanly on ourself .. Israel will collapse. It get the strength from the view they sell to the world and “Holocaust Industry”. If we ignore it, it will stick with its internal issues. The world will make it swimming in hotter water ..

    Other point: Can we imagine another world? Have found ourself in it? Can we describe the way there? Will this way go really over UN? Or over war? Are we sure about the way we are going?
    Are our visions part of the raising global human consciousness?
    I believe the humanity is creating new story. My story as Palestinian is hitting all nerves of it.
    U get me here: http://www.global-mindshift.org/

    thanks for all the comments.
    Mary, thanks for pushing me for writing. I liked it 🙂 .. more will follow.

  8. Dear Wael…. Instead of keep this endless theory of resistance – let me quote an great Arab Christian scholar, professor Edwar Said – “Arabs will get their freedom only when the Americans get their freedom.”

    I am sure, he had the powerful Jewish Lobby in his mind.

  9. my say ” the Palestinian ship to Yafa sails over Washington DC” .. believe me Shaukat, the story goes beyond dismantling the Jewish Lobby! It goes deeb inside us, which is the way of our thinking. They way we think delivered that lobby. The majority think based on power-trend to face the existing power. They search new form of “occupational lobby” based on current rules.
    They do not think e according self-resisting and consciousness-driven attitude!

  10. I believe that the problem divides clearly into two parts: once the Palestinians stop wanting their rights, accept a substitute for it, that will be the end of the story. It is the Palestinians themselves who remain steadfast that even keep the issue on the table. The moment they decide it’s no longer worthwhile pursuing justice, they will give up the struggle and adapt to the reality of the situation, meaning, they will renounce their rights. This is entirely the aim of Israel, of the “international community”, including the Arab nations that are profit oriented with regimes supported by the West.

    Once they have accomplished that, second part comes into play; the rest is useless, fighting the lobby, asking our States to uphold international law, etc. So, naturally, before all else, Palestinians have to realise what is at stake and determine if their sacrifice is worth it. They have to get there individually. No one can ask them to do it. This is why it is important that there is a thought renaissance within Palestinian society, and there are many voices of resistance and people with ideas within that society that they will lead the way.

    If they say, it’s useless, the struggle is not worth it, then the struggle will end.

    So far, it hasn’t happened.

    P.S. Wael, you know I am happy to see you write, and I’m glad you found it to be pleasurable! You have so many ideas and you are very inspiring to me and to others. Looking forward to many more essays, and… in the upcoming site, to participation in the forum and other things.

  11. I found the link I spoke about: http://www.haaretz.com/hasen/spages/848045.html

    Mary, the struggle will not stop. Even people in OPT feel tiered and accept..

  12. Dear Wael, You are right, a huge civilian action should start against the unfair. We palestiniains should represent the tip of this action, and lead the others.

  13. As an Israeli citizen and a Zionist, it is my view that violence fuels this conflict. To 85% of Israelis, if we believed the Palestinians wanted to live in peace and not annihilate us, there would be a Palestinian state in the West Bank/Gaza and we (Palestinians and Israelis) would find solutions to the refugees, Jerusalem, etc.

    Having said that, I believe there are two peoples between the Jordan and the Mediterranean and that won’t change. It is up to us to find solutions together that work for both peoples. Only positive steps will lead to solutions.

    And feedback from the responses: it always amazes me that each group (Israelis and Arabs) speak about each other with such certainty yet never speak to each other or bother asking if what they believe of the other is true. I read/hear so many “facts” that aren’t believed by most Israelis or Palestinians but each side is so sure that the other side believes. So my advice to all Palestinians and Israelis- TALK TO EACH OTHER. 🙂

  14. francis P. Hughes

    send me an e-mail address and I shall forward you a opy of the Irish Plan which could end the Conflict in Palestine if enough people endorse it

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