El Khoudary: Secretary General of UN has to take his responsibility

Manuel Musallam: Gaza would not die of hunger since it seeks freedom
Gaza Strip, 25 April, 2008 (PCAS) MP Jamal N. El Khoudary Chairman of PCAS beside Manuel Musallam pastor of Latin church in Gaza, held a joint press conference at Gaza today. Both confirmed that Gaza wouldn’t give up or die until it gets freedom at the end.

They said that siege is getting harsher by time and sneaking in all aspects of life. All this associated with great silence from all sides. They requested a quick intervention to ends the siege from all the people in this world.

Independent lawmaker, Mr. El Khoudary said that siege is hitting the life of Palestinians, especially after the UNRWA stopped its work due to the massive fuel crisis.

El Khoudary expressed solidarity of Palestinians towards UNRWA and urged the UN Secretary General, Ban ki Mon to adheret to his responsibilities regarding the siege on Gaza.

“Stoppage of UNRWA services would increase the crisis of Gaza and leave more people as the victims of poverty and hunger, especially since the poverty rate is 75% now. I wonder till when the world will be silent? Where are the morals of this world? The world is seeing all violations in Gaza and remains in silence.” El Khoudary said.

He touched upon the last repercussions of fuel crisis indicating that 32 water and sewage wells stopped.

Chairman of PCAS added that Israel is manipulating the fuel crisis in order to refuel Gaza back and to say there no siege.

“People need fuel to get food stuff from the crossings! But there is no fuel. About 90 medical materials of basic necessity are not available.”

By his part Pastor Manuel Musallahm asserted that Gaza would not die because of hunger but it will die in of battlefield seeking freedom.

He expressed his solidarity with 1.5 million civilians in the big jail of Gaza. “Israeli occupation is trying to preach their dignity and bury all of them supported by the blind world.”

Pastor Musallam said that there are about 11 thousand Palestinians captured by Israel among them children, women and ministers. Yet, the world says not a word about them while for one Israeli soldier trapped in Gaza in a battlefield, the world is turning things upside down.

At the end of his discourse, he appealed and asked all Christians to pray for Gaza and thanked all those who sympathized with Gaza.


4 responses to “El Khoudary: Secretary General of UN has to take his responsibility

  1. Let us all blame Islamic Resistance, Hamas and Islamic Jihad for not submitting to USraeli demands – as Yasser Arafat tried and now Mahmoud Abbas is doing – to save some portion of 22% of Palestinian land left – for the 9 million native Muslims and Christians.

    “Long Live Non-Violent Resistance and Down with Armed Resistance” – Oops! But the Jew Dr. Finkelstein praises Hizb’Allah’s armed resistance by saying – “I respect their wishes to die standing on their legs – rather than crawl on their knees!!!”

  2. Why does Hamas keep attacking fuel shipments into Gaza what’s the point? Who does it serve? It seems to make life for the residents of the strip much worse and could lead to much more suffering, I don’t understand it. Can someone explain it to me.

  3. This article is a perfect example , of why “pro-
    Palestinian activists” are held in comtempt.
    You have an entire article, that goes on and on about Israeli “horrors”. At the same time , never mentioning the reasons for said blockade.
    Namely that the Palestinians fire rockets daily into Israel.

    Just from a logistic point of veiw, how do you
    justify writhing about the Israeli seige without
    mentoning the reason that Isreal is doing it?

  4. “Why does Hamas keep attacking fuel shipments into Gaza what’s the point?”

    Come to think of it were Islamists, who killed 100,000 Arab Israeli Jews by radiation experiments in 1960s – and not the Zionist-regime. Get a copy of Israeli documentary “100,000 Radiation” – and watch Hamas in action.

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