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  1. Einar Schlereth

    Hallo Mary,
    a great article. The attack on free expression is going on worldwide with very few exceptions (f.i. Venezuela). And not since yesterday. I recommend everybody to read “The Brass Check” by Upton Sinclair written nearly 100 years ago.
    With love

  2. Roger Hereux


    I’m one among millions of anonymous supporters of your cause, and as the time of the bitter 60th anniversary of Nakba becomes closer, I want to share some thoughts with you. Maybe my ideas wouldn’t be very original, but so far I don’t have find them articulated in the pro Palestinian networks (many of whom I visit regularly).

    First of all, I want to offer you my congratulations.

    Maybe it sounds bizarre, in the current circumstances, but I really think you deserved it. After all, from almost 60 years you have been submitted to a brutal juggernaut. But you are still resisting, and in spite of what the zionists want, you are not going anywhere.

    You are not the first people in history confronted to a strong enemy with oppressive and evil deeds. Confronted wit the partition of Poland, Rousseau wrote in 1772 beautiful lines about such a situation (the Considerations on the Government of Poland , which seems to me a great material for the oppressed) while I’m certainly not Rousseau, and unlike the Poles you haven’t asked for my thoughts, I hope that they could be somewhat useful for you. Also, excuse me if sometimes my writing could look patronizing, which is truly not my intention.

    As you know, some of these unfortunate peoples had not stood the assaults against them, but many more had made it. The history of decolonisation since the end of World War II is full of examples about that. In light of that there are some basic questions related to the liberation struggle that are always worth asking:

    What are the handicaps that you confront in your struggle?
    What are the advantages that you have in your struggle?
    What of the advantages are the most necessary for maintain, and in time improve your position?

    The answers to that questions change constantly, according to the historic moment, but normally there always are both handicaps and advantages (you know that the military weakness, for example, can be both according to the context). I don’t want spend much time in the handicaps. There are basic factors widely known, like the technological rift and the complicity of the west so-called “international community”, besides, you are the most appropriated for think about it.

    About the advantages that you got, I wish to emphasize a couple of them. They have been mentioned many times, but seldom I had found political strategies articulated around them.

    These facts are your well-known high fertility rate, and your less known (at least in the west) determination for remain in the Palestinian land.

    As you know, zionists are well aware of these facts, and in their warmongering mentality, perceived them like a threat. In that, I think they’re right, and the combination of these traits with a strong determination can weaken in a relatively short timeframe the zionist policy, in spite of the disproportion of forces between you and them. I ask for your comprehension if I often have to repeat somewhat obvious statements, but is only on the interest of clarify my argument.

    You know that one of the strongest slogans in the zionist propaganda machine is the motto of Israel as “the only democracy in the middle east”

    You know that, in light of that, zionists are really worried about the possibility of became a minority population in Palestine (between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river)

    You know also that this zionist nightmare is in the brink of become reality, In fact, there is the possibility that it had already happened.

    Such an scenario seriously undermines the Israeli position, and in doing so, improves your options of a better leverage against zionism. So, it is important for the defence of the Palestinian consolidate such an status quo. It seems therefore that the traits of high birth rate and permanence on the land should be strengthen as fast as possible and assumed as the core of a political strategy, because, as of now, there are your principal strength vis a vis Israel. Unlike you, their birth rates are not very big, and their sources of emigration are running dry fast. They even had had the necessity of faking Jews from India and Russia, some of the later, by the way, had turned off as neo nazis. Go figure!!!

    If you can consolidate that situation, If you can make that from here to 10 years the Jews be a clear minority in the area of historic Palestine, you will have advanced a long way toward your quest for justice (the shape that justice will take is obviously up to you), and maybe for the first occasion in a long time, you’ll have a strong position from wich confront the zionist onslaught. What is required from you right now are these two points: maintain (or expand) your demographic advantage, and keep your feet firmly on your land.

    Of course, the opposite is also true. The only recent data that worry me (if truth) is the rumours that “opinion polls” show a high proportion on Palestinian youngsters wiling to emigrate if they could. I believe that such a decision will be a terrible mistake now, when the demographic tide is running strongly in your favour. Besides, you know that going out of occupied Palestine is a one-way only ticket. Nevertheless I find comforting the events of the great Gaza breakdown. In spite of what many people could have thought, almost all the gazans returned to the strip for keep on fighting.

    One can surely guess that the Zionists also know this situation, and because of that, They will try to kill, terrorize and make your lives miserable as hard as they can in order to achieve their ultimate goal of your expulsion (nakba all over again). You know that the only zionist creed is well expressed in their saying that things that are not accomplished trough force will be accomplished trough more force. But you also know that such a belief is bullshit. They have tried to expel you all of these long years, and the only thing that they have achieved is multiply you. From the roughly 1 million that you were en the eve of 1948, you are now 5 million of more in historic Palestine plus 5 million more in the neighbour countries.

    Right now, It’s up to you. In spite of the enormous sufferings and the ever increasing list of martyrs, the zionist project for your extinction have always failed against your determination and resilience. All my hopes are that you keep the situation like that.

    Probably I’m just stating the obvious, but if it’s not the case and these words are of some help to you, I’ll be more than happy

    With my best regards


  3. Mary,

    I’ve been trying to contact you at the email address given (maryrizzo@hispam.com). I fear that the messages aren’t getting through. If this is the case, would you mind sending me a test message from an alternate email address, so that I can then respond with the info I have for you?


    (If this is not the case, however, I apologize and hope you’ll be inclined to disapprove this message and be no worse for wear after reading my original emails lol.)

    Thanks, friend!

  4. Hey Mary, we’ve been discussing many different topics on MEpeace for some time. You just mentioned something very interesting about your line of work, I would like to talk with you privately about it, if it’s ok with you.
    Well, now you have my email in your mail box. Please write back if interested.

  5. Hello,
    My name is Heidi and I work for the American Association for Palestinian Equal Rights Foundation in Washington, DC. We have created a number of electronic postcards that we are offering to Palestine bloggers. Please take a moment to view the cards at http://www.aaper.org/site/c.quIXL8MPJpE/b.4741439/k.69E8/Promote_on_Your_SiteBlog.htm, copy and paste them onto your blog and hyper link them to our homepage (www.americansforpalestine.org). Feel free to contact me with any questions and to pass this email on to others who might be interested. Thanks for blogging!

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