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Adib S Kawar – Lebanon Strikes: Politicizing Public Demands

David Welch, the US Near East Affairs emissary with Fouad Siniora. Lebanese labor unions called for a strike on May 7th for adjusting the salaries of the public and private sector employees and workers, as salaries and wages had not been adjusted for the last ten years, although the cost of living had more the doubled or tripled since then, especially prices had escalated almost by 100% compared to what they were at a year ago. The rise is mainly due to unprecedented increase in costs of energy sources and the depreciation of the U.S. Dollar compared to the Euro, which equally affected prices, noting that the Lebanese currency is tied with the U.S. dollar.

Just because those calling for the strike are in the opposition camp, the government and its so-called majority camp, took the opportunity to politicize the strike and hit against the opposition and the Lebanese resistance. The cabinet announced a rise of the minimum wage from LL 300,000 to LL 500,000. (U.S. $200 to $333) without announcing the mechanism of this increase for the minimum wage, noting that there are hardly any workers or employees whose wages or salaries are at the official minimum nor any mentioning of the adjustment of other salaries and wages which had been the case in all previous laws of adjustment of salaries.

On the occasion, the coalition of committees and popular unions issued a communiqué condemning the governmental and the majority party’s actions to abort the strike saying:

While the Lebanese are preparing for celebrating the liberation day and resistance on 25/5/2008, and while all Arabs are commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Arabs Nakbah of Palestine caused by the Zionist aggressor, the ruling group issued a number of unprecedented and grave decisions:

1 – These decisions aim at depriving the resistance of its legitimacy and will consider its leaders and fighters and probably its martyrs as outlaws, which is certainly in the service of the Zionist enemy and its American masters and tallies with their logic.

2 – These decisions clearly contradict the essence of the basis on which the present government (considered by the opposition as illegal) gained parliamentary legitimacy, which legitimized the right, presence and role of the Lebanese resistance in liberating the land and defending the Lebanese and Lebanon against the continuous Zionist aggression.

3 – These decisions are a stab in the heart of the Lebanese patriotic accord, and hits the sentiments and feelings a large sector of the Lebanese people and the Arab Nation, which considers the resistance as a child to defend Lebanon and Arab pride.

4 – These decisions are a clear proof of the involvement of the ruling gang in the project of creating internal sedition in Lebanon to give a cover for the failure of the Zionist/American project and its extensions, and an arrangement for an internal sedition, which the Zionist enemy failed to do. They actually work for the fulfilment of the ‘prophecy’ of C. David Welch, U.S. Assistant Secretary for Near Eastern Affairs, in which he announced during his last visit to Lebanon of a ‘hot summer’ in Lebanon and the region”.

5 – The decisions are in full contradiction of the head of the ruling gang, Fouad Siniora, at the end of President Lahoud’s presidency on 24/5/2008 that he shall not take decisions that are of basic characteristics before electing a new president of the Republic.

6 – These decisions reflect a clear lack sense of responsibility, because they don’t take into consideration the repercussions and results and their effects on the static patriotic options in relation to internal stability.

7 – These decisions reflect the ruling gang’s total slipping to involve the security and military establishments in the political maneuvers, which is a game that the Lebanese paid a heavy price for in the past.

8 – These decisions go beyond the simplest rules and administrative principles, because they are taken without legal or legislative basis. And they are a result of known political intentions with well known sources.

9 – These decisions increase the fears of a large sector of the Lebanese public of the existence of a Zionist-American plan to internationalize Lebanon starting with internationalization of the airport and other public facilities.

(The so-called majority ruling gang claims that Hezbollah put monitoring cameras around the airport to control the airport).

10 – These decisions start with the airport and its security and remind us that all the wars that were waged against Lebanon started from the airport, since the 28/12/1968 aggression that inaugurated the continuing Zionist war on Lebanon 40 years ago, up to the July 2006 war that started with the bombardment of the airport and its closure for several weeks after the end of the aggression.

The comments about the ruling gang decisions call on those who care for the unity, security and stability of Lebanon to rise up to reject these dangerous decisions, and demand the immediate retreat from their implementation, and not be a starting point for the anti-Lebanon plans.

Some factions of the ruling gang, by direct orders from what they call their American ally, order the sabotaging of resistance efforts for defending Lebanon against Zionist aggressions, which are directly or indirectly in the service of the Zionist enemy, and the ‘American ally’ takes no action which is not for Zionist interest. Certain parties are ‘complaining’ about the special means of communication (special telephone system) of the resistance that is vital for its operations and security.

In the meantime, Condy consoles the same Siniora


Activist Riad Hamad Murdered – letter he wrote to Bush in 2003

For the obituary: Annie’s Letters. For a video.

To: George Bush,
President of the United States of America
Washington, DC

I was very amused last week when I was trying to get into my car in the morning on my way to work, when my neighbor across the street came out and asked me if we could talk. Although I was in a hurry since I was late, I listened to him since he said that the topic was important. My neighbor told me that he was approached by the FBI and was asked many questions about me and was asked to put a camera in his house to watch me. The request was denied, as my neighbor, who happened to be a Libertarian, did not trust the motives of the FBI. Also, my neighbor told him that, “Riad is my friend and I would not spy on him.” Apparently, the agent did not give up and told my neighbor that he would call on him again.

Although I knew and expected such activities by the FBI, I was surprised about their lack of professionalism and the absence of decency. I carry my Iraqi flags to every rally and I am always the loudest and the most obvious. Hundreds of people come and ask me about the flags as they do not know which countries the flags stand for, and I have to say, “These are the flags of the countries that your tax money is paying to occupy, kill and maim,” since not many of them knew the colors of the flags of Palestine or Iraq. For the FBI to have to go and knock on my neighbor’s doors is very unprofessional and illegal. Besides, the FBI has been harassing members of the International Solidarity Movement and monitoring their phone calls, e-mails and movements around the nation. I assume this is an effort to harass them, intimidate them, and scare them from going around the United States to expose your lies, and that of your administration, about the real situation in occupied Palestine.

I have lived, went to college, and worked in the United States for over 30 years. I have no criminal record and not even a suspicion of committing a crime, such as your cocaine addiction, drunk driving, and going AWAL during your National Guard duty in Texas. Also, I have never sold shares of a bankrupt company to the pension fund of Bahrain National Oil Company like you did, which is nothing but fraud and insider trading.

I work with a group of individuals around the globe called the Palestine Children’s Welfare Fund in association with the Holy Land Trust out of Bethlehem, Palestine. We bring olive wood and embroidery from Palestine and raise money in the United States for the women and the children of the refugee camps. We are non-political and non-religious, and our donors and supporters are Muslims, Christians, Jews, and others who know better than to believe your message of hatred and aggression. Every penny we receive is accounted for and every penny we spend is accounted for on our Web site that I am sure that you have monitored and observed. Also, we sponsor only civilians who are either orphans or not affiliated with any political or religious groups and their only crime is that they are Palestinians.

As a patriotic citizen of this country, and to make sure that I give you a hand in combating “terrorism,” I have posted a sign near in our neighborhood letting people know that we are under surveillance. And asking our neighbors and the passers by to inform the FBI of any suspicious activities and the sign and the pictures of the house with the sign is on the Web page link.

Over the past weekend, several of our neighbors came by and apologized for your stupidity and that of the FBI and other officials. One of them told me that, “I am ashamed to say that I am an American since George Bush became president.” Others tried to apologize, and I had to remind that I am also ashamed of you and your actions and that of your administration. I have not been outside the United States since you became president, to avoid showing my passport and avoid associating with you and your administration. Besides helping you monitor me by posting the sign near our home, I will help you find some terrorists that I know and I believe that they are threat to the safety and the security of the United States. You do not have to look far to find them and apprehend them, and if you do not soon, WE THE PEOPLE will some day soon. These terrorists are now in Washington and you see them every time you have a cabinet meeting and I am afraid you are one of them.


Get the hell out of my life and take your FBI thugs from our neighborhood because they are not wanted.

Riad Hamad

Riad Esolh a martyr for Palestine. (by Adib S Kawar)

We were greatly shocked and saddened with the news of the murder of Riad Hamad Esolh. Riad’s body was found floating in Lady Bird Lake in Austin after he was reported missing since the beginning of the week.

Riad was a dedicated man as chairman of the “Palestinian Child Welfare Foundation”, he was helping disabled children in Palestinian refugee camps, and he used to ask for my help to contact these unfortunate children to hand them financial help for medical treatment, education and food. I am sure that these young people and families who had highly appreciated Riad’s help and humanity shall be saddened and in tears with the dreadful sad news of Riad’s murder. We are sure it is a murder, and not a suicide, for a man who dedicated his life to help the unfortunate to recover from their sickness, complete their schooling, and have enough food so as to live a decent life, even in their retched refugee camps, would not commit suicide. He was helping people to live, then how would he take his own life!!!

What shocked me was to hear that some security agents broke into his house and carried away with them his files and CDs and other things, I didn’t know what happened after that, but I was sure that he would be accused of supporting some “terror organizations” or “white washing money”! This is a big joke that Zionists and those who collaborate with them would want to see even disabled Palestinian children helped to overcome the hardships Zionism had brought them.
We call on all those who are in a position to donate to Riad’s fund so as his good work will be continued, not to hesitate in doing so. I am sure that with continuing the hard and honest work shall make his soul rest in peace.

Riad comes from a Beiruti and lived in Beirut not far from the Palestinian refugee camps that surround Beirut, which see first hand their hardships, for who he decided extend his help to enable his Arab compatriots practice their Right of Return to their homes and land.
God bless his soul.

A friend that I had never met face to face, but heart to heart.

Riad Hamad, PCWF, murdered

Go to link for news video

Body Found in Lake Lady Bird Is Austin Middle School Teacher
04/17/2008 — A family spokesperson has confirmed that the body found floating yesterday in Lady Bird Lake is Riad Hamad. He was a teacher at Clint Small Middle School and President of the Austin Chapter of The Palestinian Welfare Fund. Police have not stated how he might have died.

See Video
Grief counselors on hand at AISD middle school
11:19 AM CDT on Thursday, April 17, 2008
KVUE News Staff reports

Grief counselors were called to an Austin ISD middle school Tuesday.
AISD officials confirm that counselors are on hand at Clint Small Middle School on Monterey Oaks Boulevard in Southwest Austin.

AISD officials would not comment on the reason counselors were called to the school, but parents told KVUE News that they were informed Thursday morning a teacher had been killed. They also told KVUE the teacher is Riad Hamad who was the technology teacher at the school.

Parents said they did not know if a letter had been sent home about the teacher.

KVUE News questioned AISD officials about the information, but officials said they could not say anything more than counselors were at the school.

Body found in Lady Bird Lake (04/16)
Austin police investigators Thursday said a body found near Festival Beach in Lady Bird Lake is that of an Austin ISD teacher reported missing earlier this week.

Riad Hamad was the technology teacher at Clint Small Middle School on Monterey Oaks Boulevard in Southwest Austin.

APD Sgt. Joseph Chacon said they have not ruled out foul play, but they believe that Hamad, who is a peaceful activist for Palestinian causes, may have committed suicide. They do not believe his activism was related to his death.

Police say Hamad was seen walking from his car to the shoreline of Lady Bird Lake alone just before he was reported missing. Family members said Hamad was dealing with intense pressure and had been experiencing suicidal thoughts. His vehicle was found on the south shoreline.

In a statement to the media, representatives said his family and friends are devastated by their loss. They said Hamad had been an AISD educator for 10 years and that he was pursuing a graduate level degree in educational technology.

“He was a peace activist who worked tirelessly on behalf of those less fortunate than him and was loved and admired by many members of the local, as well as international community,” the statement said.
Police are asking anyone who saw him to call them with information.

A student told KVUE News the principal of Clint Small Middle School announced Thursday morning that Hamad had been found dead. Grief counselors were on hand to talk to students.

Bill Fletcher – Palestine Matters

When atrocities befall the Palestinians at the hands of the Israeli occupiers, much of the Western world remains silent. Particularly in the USA, we await an Israeli explanation for the atrocity, often assuring ourselves that we will be offered a rational and acceptable justification for whatever has taken place. Civilians killed, for instance, when the Israelis choose to assassinate a Palestinian leader, and we are generally told that it is tragic collateral damage. The use of cluster bombs in the attack on Lebanon in 2006, and we are treated to stories about the brutality of Hezbollah. The fact is that Israel is the only power in the Middle East with nuclear weapons, and we are entertained with silence. In each case, the response is accepted as understandable, given Israel’s fight for existence.

Today the people of Gaza are victims of what both Israeli and Palestinian human rights activists correctly call collective punishment. After the Hamas/Fatah mini-civil war in which Hamas took over Gaza, allegedly because they believed that Fatah was preparing to attack them, the Israelis began a blockade (as well as military incursions) with the full support of the Bush administration. This was followed by rocket attacks on Israeli settlements near Gaza by some Palestinian military units. The Israeli blockade never let up nor did Israeli attacks on Gaza or Palestinian rocket attacks against settlements. Despite Hamas’ repeated offers for a truce, the Israeli government has turned a deaf ear, finally locking the people of Gaza into a collective hell.

When, a few weeks ago, humanitarian organizations began voicing louder and louder concerns regarding the conditions facing the people of Gaza, the Israeli government and their apologists in the USA shrugged this off. I was stunned, for instance, to read commentaries in the US media where it was suggested that, while conditions may not have been ideal, there was no humanitarian threat. When Hamas blew up the walls blocking off Gaza from Egypt and hundreds of thousands of people entered Egypt in order to get badly needed supplies, some commentators in the USA suggested that the Palestinians were really just interested in obtaining more cheap cigarettes.

As a little reminder, the notion of collective punishment, that is, taking steps against an entire people due to the actions of some, is illegal according to international law. Consider, for instance, if the USA decided to blockade and bomb Sicily due to the activities of the Sicilian Mafia (which has been responsible for the deaths of thousands through the drug trade as well as other illegal activity). What if, in addition, the USA took military action against the Italian government because it had not taken a strong enough stand against the Mafia? Such an approach would be considered absurd, but this is, in effect, what has been unfolding against the Palestinians, not just today, but for the length of the Occupation that began in 1967.

The suffering in Gaza specifically, and Palestine in general, has not been the subject of any substantive discussion in the 2008 Presidential campaign. There is a code of silence that surrounds this subject and an unspoken assumption that whatever steps Israel needs to take to ensure its survival will receive 100% support from the US political establishment. Additionally, as was in full view in the aftermath of former President Jimmy Carter’s best-selling book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, those who question the Israeli Occupation and the US complicity in it, are subject to vitriolic attack, and more often than not, accused of being anti-Semitic. Thus, the conditions have been stacked in most so-called mainstream circles against a reasonable discussion of a key foreign policy matter.
The continued consequences of this approach should not need to be reiterated. Despite the photo-op that took place in Annapolis with the Bush-orchestrated Israeli/Palestinian summit in 2007, little progress has been made. Israeli strangulation of the Gaza makes it politically unlikely for the Palestinian National Authority, under President Abbas, to make any significant compromises, not that the Palestinians have much more to give.

The garroting of the Gaza and the destruction of the wall separating it from Egypt actually serves as a metaphor for the larger Palestinian situation. Whether through the “apartheid” Wall created by the Israelis cutting off Palestinian territory and creating, in effect, reservations for the Palestinians; through the imprisonment of some Palestinian leaders; through the assassination of other Palestinian leaders; and through the increase in illegal Israeli settlements on Palestinian territory, the Palestinian people are being pushed further and further to the brink.

The good news, to the extent to which there is any, is that there has been a noticeable change in the climate on the ground in the USA when it comes to discussing Palestine. The fact that Carter’s book was a best seller, not to mention the growing attention in the USA and in Europe to the need for an immediate end to the Israeli Occupation, quite possibly portends an opening toward a just resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian conflict.

Yet the US political establishment does not get it. Each time they attempt to silence discussion of Palestine, or pretend that atrocities against Palestinians are simply the figments of someone’s imagination, their credibility in the eyes of the world further diminishes. It is the equivalent of attempting to keep a bubble under water.

With each atrocity against the Palestinian people comes another battle cry from one or another part of the planet, not only against Israel, but against their unconditional backers in Washington, DC. And those battle cries should raise our concern.
What about this do our political leaders not understand? When will they get the wax out of their ears and the cotton out of their mouths and recognize that a different road must be taken?

Bill Fletcher, Jr. is Executive Editor of The Black Commentator. He is also a Senior Scholar with the Institute for Policy Studies and the immediate past president of TransAfrica Forum. Click here to contact Mr. Fletcher.

"Anti-Semite" and Social Engineering: Forbidden Topics

This is one of the most enlightening pieces I’ve read in a long time! Please read it and…. free your mind!!

by Carolyn Baker
A professor looking to stimulate interest in the obligatory compositions prepared by his freshman English students asked me if Iwould come to his morning classes last Friday to answer questions about 9/11 that the students had brought up after a viewing of `Loose Change’. I was grateful for the opportunity and felt confident as we walked toward the lecture hall because I believed that I would be ableto handle their questions. In my mind, the challenges I would face would be based on my knowledge of factual information and my ability to convey it coherently.

I never suspected that I would be ambushed by a furious student who was already shouting at me that I was an `anti-Semite’ even before I reached the classroom. That emotional barrage never ended from that moment until the class disbanded. It was dramatic. He was unable to stay in his seat and jumped up and down and moved around the classroom, his hand waving wildly to get his turn to ask questions that were in essence hostile accusations, phoning his `friend’ so that his `friend’ could hear my comments, intrusively shoving that phone at me.

There was no explanation or fact that I was able to provide that would assuage his rage. It was immaterial to him that there are Jewish people who are prominent in 9/11 studies and activism. Or that there are Jewish members in the Tampa 9/11 Truth group. Although nothing I said could have been interpreted as remotely anti-Semitic, the topic of 9/11 had pushed his `Anti-Semite’ button.

When I told the group that I thought that the perpetrators of the 9/11 crimes would have included members of the secret services of Great Britain, Germany, Israel and the US, he could only focus on the mention of Israel. The mere fact that the 9/11 topic was addressed seemed to him an abomination. He brought up Holocaust Deniers.

In spite of the agitated student, the discussion continued and a lot of good questions came up. To the question of whether 9/11 truth was disrespectful to the surviving family members, I said that the family members were the ones who had pushed for the investigation and that their questions had remained unanswered by the 9/11 Commission Report. And that their film Press For Truth is documenting their ongoing quest for the truth.

To the question of how a conspiracy could be kept hidden by so many for so long, I mentioned that the Manhattan Project to develop the atom bomb had involved thousands and also explained about the moles occupying nexus points in an organization (eg Radical Fundamentalist Unit of the FBI) a la Webster Tarpley.

To the question of why there were no whistleblowers, I told them that there have been hundreds and gave them von Bulow, Michael Meacher, Bob Bowman. Patriots/ Pilots/ Architects/ Scholars for 9/11 Truth. We discussed the media blockade made possible by the consolidation of the media and orchestrated by the interlocking directors of the major corporations.

To the question of why they would do such a thing, I talked about the military strategy document, the Project for a New American Century, with its demented world domination scheme, set to be triggered by a catastrophic and catalyzing event – the new Pearl Harbor AKA the 9/11 attacks.

But those are mere facts and the `anti Semite’ syndrome, like the 9/11 denial syndrome, is not cured by applying factual information. In a contest of raw power, mind control and propaganda win over facts. Emotions rule and anger and fear are the king and queen.

Creating programmed responses to conversational triggers aids in squelching societal debate. “Conspiracy theorist, whack job, holocaust denier, wing nut, absurd, anti Semite, crazy”. Attack the messenger to discount the message. Interrupt him, talk over him, make him lose his train of thought, ridicule him, insult him. No issue is to be addressed; no evidence is to be assessed – ever.

The resulting emotions of humiliation, embarrassment, shame, or guilt usually cause the targeted person to desist. How many topics are out of bounds due to `political correctness’? Limiting the parameters of the national conversation is integrated and prearranged. Forbidden topic number one is why we are fighting proxy wars for Israel and where our congress’ allegiances should lie when deciding matters of war.
I confess I have not read Mearsheimer and Walt’s article or their new book. But I will, now. That boy woke me up and I thank him for that. I have never been called an anti Semite and the sting is still fresh on my cheek.

If someone criticizes Israel in any way, they are called an anti Semite. If I observe that the Mafia is Italian, am I `anti Italian’? If I say an American committed a crime, am I `anti American’? No one is allowed to criticize Israel or they are called an `anti Semite’.

Even without mentioning Israel, by choosing to talk about 9/11, an effort is made to label that anti Semitic. The creation of taboo subjects is a form of mind control. Think about it – if you can!

The very word `anti Semite’ itself goes off like a hand grenade and destroys intelligent discourse in a wide perimeter. This artificial construct is maintained by the victim complex created due to WWII and the constant repetition of the Holocaust history. It is not permitted to note that the Palestinians are suffering as much -or more- today under the Israelis as the Jews did in the ghettos of Eastern Europe.

The victim of genocide is now the perpetrator of genocide but that observation is strictly prohibited in all polite conversation.

That young man is not a natural product of a balanced world. He is the product of the `social scientists’ who take innocent babes and inoculate them with poisonous ideas and belligerent tactics. He is under the tutelage of those who are creating our `matrix’ and he has been a malleable child, emotionally susceptible and easily manipulated into serving as a hound for the masters. I am sure that they are proud of their little Frankenstein, they can send him out today to disrupt classroom discussion and tomorrow he will be a willing servant infiltrator in our business and political arenas. Another `dual citizen’ like Henry Kissinger, Michael Chertoff, Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Doulas Feith, Dov Zakheim, Ari Fleischer, Elliot Abrams, Scooter Libby, or William Kristol.

The sum total of what you and I believe about the world is as distorted as that young man’s idea. The political map and the evolution of the fortunes of the peoples of the world have been engineered. The Middle East map is relatively new and the present national borders are artifices, contrivances to set in motion the conflicts we see today by which the region is controlled. Why does Israel exist? Was it set up to be a continual thorn in the side, a gaping wound through which conflict could be plunged, keeping the region in conflict to feed the war machine, engineer regional depopulation and eventually control the Middle East and withdraw her vast energy resources?

With all the talk in the US and Israel about the importance of religion, where are the major religions in all of this? Where is the love? The forbearance? The forgiveness? The charity? What a monumental lie, to ignite this area of the world under the guise of religious differences.
Meanwhile we jump – or are jumped – from one irrelevantent ertainment/infotainment topic to the next while the puppetmasters set the stage for the next act where America as we know it ceases to exist as the globalists bring her to her knees and whip her into submission by means of the engineered economic collapse. While we dance to the tempo set by their orchestra playing on their instruments in their scale of their choosing.

There is a war on for your mind and stepping outside the matrix is harder than you may realize. Literally, the background chatter is set by them. Every quip, every commonly held assumption, every knee jerk assertion has been programmed into us. Examine your thoughts and free your mind.

Welcome to Speaking Truth To Power—a website owned and managed by Carolyn Baker. Carolyn is an adjunct professor of history, a former psychotherapist, an author, and a student of mythology and ritual. This website offers up-to-the-moment alternative reporting of U.S. and international news, articles containing information and opinion, and a venue of support and connection for awake individuals who want not only to be informed, but to organize their lives and communities in ways that most effectively assist them in navigating what current events are manifesting.

Carolyn’s Mission: “The Chinese proverb and curse says, ‘May you live in interesting times’.” In the first decade of the twenty-first century, we live in profound uncertainty, faced with issues unprecedented in the history of the human race. Truth To Power seeks to provide readers with a ‘fixed point in a changing universe’ that both informs and supports humanity’s efforts to remake the world—both our personal worlds and our planet. My intention is to offer a beacon of light in the smothering darkness with which we seem to be engulfed, making available information and specific ideas and strategies which we all might utilize as we experience the life/death/rebirth process inherent in the inner and outer realms of our current reality.”

CAROLYN BAKER, Ph.D., not only manages this website but is a professor of history and author of her latest book, Coming Out From Christian Fundamentalism: Affirming Sensuality, Social Justice, and The Sacred. This book and her previous two books, U.S. History Uncensored: What Your High School Textbook Didn’t Tell You and The Journey of Forgiveness, may be purchased at this site. She is available for speaking engagements and author events and can be contacted at

Adib S Kawar – Open Letter to Barak Obama

Open Letter to Senator/Presidential Candidate Barak Obama

Dear Senator Obama,
We Palestinians, whether in Palestine that was occupied in 1948, or Palestine that was occupied in 1967 and in our diaspora/Ashatat counting now over ten million uprooted people, were shocked and saddened to read your letter addressed to Mr. Khalilzad, U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations. We were shocked and astonished that you, especially as a U.S. citizen of African roots, would not have remembered the stance of the Zionist state of Israel during the uprising/Intifadah of the non-white people in South Africa. Those men and women, who are a part of the indigenous population of the continent where your roots are still deep in its soil, were not supported in their struggle by Israel. In fact, this rogue state was one of the very few countries in the world to ally itself and supply the apartheid colonizing establishment in South Africa with all its requirements of arms and weapons to maintain its apartheid regime, so that it could fight and subjugate the revolting citizens of the colony, who only sought to obtain equal rights in the place of their birth.

We were astonished to read that you support the apartheid state by saying “Israel has the right to respond”.

Has it not occurred to you, Mr. Senator, why the indigenous population of Palestine have been uprising for so many decades, and suffering the death of thousands and thousands of their men and women of all ages including the very young and very old, who are living in refugee camps away from their own homes and land that they had been developing with sweat and blood for thousands of years? We are saddened that a man of your caliber who promotes the rights of the subjugated masses in your great nation, the United States, and everywhere in the world, who condemns the Bush regime because of the wars it is waging around the world resulting in thousands of deaths, with its maimed men and women serving in your nation’s armed forces away from their homes and beloved ones expresses such opinions regarding our people. You are aware of the millions of deaths, the men, women and children who have become disabled, and the other millions of individuals who have been uprooted and are living in the status of poor refugees in and out of their homelands as a result of these criminal wars?

Mr. Senator Obama, how is it possible that a personality of your status, caliber and intelligence has missed to read, see and hear the news of how Palestinians in occupied Palestine are treated like slaves if not animals, which is by far worse than the way enslaved Africans were treated for centuries by the American colonizers? Did you read, hear or see how those Palestinians are tortured and dehumanized on the over 750 checkpoints and crossings all over the occupied West Bank of Palestine? Did you hear, read or see how barbaric Zionist colonizers are still stealing more and more Palestinian land to build more Zionist colonies over what remained unoccupied and un-stolen of Palestinian Arab land, and how these wild racist colonialists are cutting down millions of centuries’ old olive trees, razing thousands of acres of farmland, demolishing thousands of residential, office and industrial buildings and leaving thousands of people living in the open air or tents in the heat of the summer or the freezing cold of the winter? We doubt that you don’t have the courage to admit that you have heard, seen or read about the apartheid wall that Zionists unashamedly call “security wall” while the main reason is to steal more land in the 22% left of Palestine unoccupied in 1948, and let’s not forget the stealing of fresh water resources to be used by Zionist colonialists to be pumped back out of their sewage system as filth and flooded over the fields of the poor Palestinians who have not been colonized yet?! And you turned your face away pretending not to have seen, heard or read about all that and many and many other war crimes the Zionist state of Israel that had been denying Palestinian Arabs to exercise their Right of Return to their stolen homes and land!!!!

It would be a shame if a man of your caliber and status does deny seeing, hearing and reading all about these atrocities against a people that belongs to the human race in the twentieth century, only because he might gain the blessings of the Zionist Israeli lobby, to be elected as president of the United States, while knowing well that those who control the possibilities and means shall put all the barriers and checkpoints in your way to deprive you of this pleasure.

Mr. Obama, have the courage to include among the causes you fight for to admit that Palestinian Arab resistance are the people who are fighting in self defense and not the other way round.

Palestinian resistance, by international legal rules, is accorded every right to use any means to regain all their rights in their land and as human beings, and live in a democratic, free and sovereign state.

Adib S. Kawar
n uprooted Palestinian Arab still living as a refugee for the last 60 years
Beirut –Lebanon

ZOG Report: Obama: Israel was forced to close Gaza


Obama: Israel was forced to close Gaza

The letter from the Senator to the Ambassador speaks for itself:

Dear Ambassador Khalilzad,
I understand that today the UN Security Council met regarding the situation in Gaza, and that a resolution or statement could be forthcoming from the Council in short order.

I urge you to ensure that the Security Council issue no statement and pass no resolution on this matter that does not fully condemn the rocket assault Hamas has been conducting on civilians in southern Israel…

All of us are concerned about the impact of closed border crossings on Palestinian families.

However, we have to understand why Israel is forced to do this… Israel has the right to respond while seeking to minimize any impact on civilians.

The Security Council should clearly and unequivocally condemn the rocket attacks… If it cannot bring itself to make these common sense points, I urge you to ensure that it does not speak at all.

Barack Obama
United States Senator

Christians United For Israel Summit …(and some say there ain’t no lobby?)

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What follows is a very strange document. It is page 22 of the October edition of the glossy booklet by Christians United for Israel, a lobby that claims it has 50 million members and 5 million Jewish sympathisers. Now, there are many who say, “Lobby? NO WAY!” I ask them to read this document which is the (claimed) testimonial of a young Jewish university student who attended their DC Summit. I have a few doubts that it’s bona fide, because the grammatical errors you see – such as a comma before ‘and’ in a three part clause – are carried through in the rest of the booklet, which has as its publisher John and Diana Hagee and its writers people like David Brog (executive director of CUFI, executive at AOL, proud Jew and author of the article about Randy Travis and Joe Lieberman, “Separated at Birth” and Gary Bauer.) The young man has a secret identity, or else he’s not in the habit of signing his name when making a testimonial, highly irregular! But, there are some very interesting elements in this letter, fake or not.

1) The student does not say he is an Israeli citizen, but a Jew, and he wanted to go with a Kippah just to show his “gratitude for all the support these people were giving us”. Us. Hmm…

2) He says the place turned into a Mega-Church. I wonder if he’s ever been in one. First of all, generally Jewish people do not enter into Christian churches, and if they do, wouldn’t they expect there to be prayer and not political rallies? Instead we have this:

3) American and Israeli flags, the name of Jesus not mentioned even once the entire night. Although he contradicts himself later!! (They need a professional “proofreader and fact checker”, methinks).

4) It is a lobby. This is stated very clearly, and every Congressman and Senator will get a visit from these people. “lobbying in support of Israel and the Jewish people”. It is explicitly stated.

5) There is an evident racism in all of this. People treat him like he is a carnival freak, and he’s glad to play the part. They hug him “because I’m Jewish… asking me to pray for them, telling me I was blessed by God”.

6) The voice of the Jewish people in America (yes, Jewish) is the Church of Jesus Christ. What church is that? I’d like to know. Sounds like a strange Church if it’s got American and Israeli flags and no crosses or turns the teachings of Jesus (oops, Yehoshua) on its head. Jesus would never have said, “let us pray for the destruction of our enemies”. Quite the opposite. It’s in their Bibles, if they know how to read.

7) The usage of the term GOYIM (all caps in the original, in fact, no changes were made to the original, as anyone can see from the image), and the other derogatory self-reference of the Christians.

8) The comparison of Iran to Germany and Ahmedinejad to Hitler needs no further comment. Just note it there and see how it is used in propaganda of all the lobbies, as well as being the foreign policy of Israel based on its usage of these images.

If that ain’t a lobby, I will eat my hat, scarf and gloves.

ONE MORE INTERESTING ELEMENT! Thanks to the attentive readers of Peacepalestine, more strange things jump out. James Bowen, the dedicated webmaster of Palestine Information with Provenance clicked on the image and was more careful and attentive than I was in transcribing. He wrote:

There is an interesting little detail on the picture you mentioned in your blog. Look at the signature given for the piece:
–Shalom – Student at Yeshira University
Note — YeshiRa, not YeshiVa.
There is no such place as Yeshira University, although there is a Yeshiva University in New York.
Whoever compiles the stuff for the CUFI newsletter seems to be quite ignorant.

Christians United for Israel
Washington, D.C. Israel Summit

Last night was one of the most amazing nights of my life… I wish every Jewish person could have witnessed what I did… it was unreal.

On a whim, I grabbed two friends and attended “A Night to Honor Israel” hosted by “Christians United for Israel” at the Washington Convention Center. My main goal was simply to show up wearing a kipah and show my gratitude for all of the support these people were giving us. The room was filled with over 3,000 people. There were priests, rabbis, songs, prayers, awards, and speeches (Bibi Netanyahu, Newt Gingrich, Dore Gold, Sallai Meridor and many more). The room essentially turned into a Mega-Church, with thousands of Christians shouting and praising God, praying for the protection, safety, and prosperity of Israel and the Jewish people, and for the destruction of the enemies of America and Israel, while waving American and Israeli flags and listening to the sound of shofars being blasted. And yet the name “Jesus” was not mentioned once the entire night. (Yehoshua of Nazareth was said ONCE at the very end of the event)

As I write this there are thousands descending on the Hill, in the offices of every Congressman and Senator, thousands of Christians lobbying in support of Israel and the Jewish people – and you thought AIPAC was strong, the numbers of Christians United for Israel around America is quoted at being over 50 MILLION people!

By the end of the night, I had met so many people who just were hugging me because I was Jewish, giving me their names and asking me to pray for them, telling me I was blessed by God. I also met the Executive Director of CUFI, who said he would love to come and speak at Yeshiva University. What is contained in this email is just a small drop in a very large sea of awe and emotion from one of the most incredible events I have ever been to in my life. Here are just a few quotes:

“The sleeping giant has awakened and the Jewish people have a new voice in America – the Church of Jesus Christ… 50 million Bible Believing Christians and 5 million American Jews are a match made in heaven.”

“The Bible Belt is Israel’s Safety Belt!”

“We former pagans, former idol-worshipping heathen GOYIM now stand united with the Jewish people. Hashem has done great things, is doing great things, and will do great things for Israel! Baruch Hashem!”

“We are currently in 1936, Iran is Germany and Ahmadinejad is Hitler. The silence of the Christian Church during WWII was inexcusable. Today, gather with me and say, ‘Never again, not on our watch!’ This time the Church will not be silent!”

“Jimmy Carter has accused us of having a ‘hidden agenda.’ We have operated for years under the eyes of the Jewish community and I am proud to say that there are Jews here tonight! How much money from terrorists goes to your Fund For Peace Mr. Carter? If anyone has a hidden agenda, it is you!”

Never before have I seen such a sanctification of God’s name, a kiddush hashem, and I was so proud to be a part of something so warm, wonderful, and amazing. It was worth coming to DC just for this event – it was life altering.
–Shalom – Student at Yeshiva University

And Blair’s Plan Comes to Palestine

Michele Giorgio reporting from Jerusalem (from il manifesto, 18/12/07)
Blair played the role of protagonist also in Paris. The Quartet’s envoy for the Middle East and former British Premier takes seriously the duty of “developing the Palestinian economy”, as he has been entrusted by the American President George W. Bush, his companion in many military adventures. He takes his task so seriously that he’s churning out plans one after another. As many as four are the proposals the Quartet’s envoy has recently put forward for the “Rebirth of the Palestinian economy”, amongst which one with a striking name: “Corridor for Peace and Prosperity”.

It’s been ready for some time now, because it was already conceived by the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA). It foresees the development of a large agro-industrial area in the Jordan Valley, the most fertile zone in the Palestinian Territories occupied by Israel 40 years ago. Behind the good-intention rhetoric, the project reveals not only the aim to make the dependence of the Palestinian economy on the Israeli one official, but also the intention of indirectly legalising the Israeli settlements in that portion of Palestinian territory.

Also included in the “Corridor for Peace and Prosperity” are plans for waste management about which some criticism has already come from the people of Jericho. As a matter of fact, the dumping grounds are expected to be built only in the tiny A-area, the one which, according to the outdated Oslo Accords, is controlled (at least formally) by the PNA.

Actually, the plan doesn’t take into consideration building dumping areas in the C-Area, which includes most of the occupied West Bank and is under the full authority of the Israeli army. Evidently, the Japanese and Blair seem to take for granted that, in the future, the C-Area will remain under Israel’s control. Jamal Jumaa, a leading representative of the Palestinian civil society and activist for the “Stop the Wall” campaign, suspects that the plan includes “also managing waste from the Israeli settlements built in that area, for instance the massive Ma’ale Adumim, which by international law, are illegal.”

In contrast with the socio-economical pattern of the Jericho area, comprised of farmers who work their small plot of land, the development plan which has been conceived by the Japanese and approved by Blair, foresees the set up of big agro-industrial enterprises with a remarkable workforce. If one takes into account the indigence in which most of the inhabitants of the Jordan Valley live, it won’t be too hard to guess that it will be the Israelis and the same old Palestinian elite who will dominate the entrepreneurial scene whilst the peasants will be employed as unskilled workers.

In the JICA plan, at pages 8 and 9, reference is made to the primary role for the development of the agro-industrial area that is expected to be carried out by “Israeli migrant firms”, an expression behind which are concealed those Israeli firms operating in the Palestinian Occupied Territories that maintain business relations with the Jewish settlements of the Jordan Valley. “The Corridor for Peace and Prosperity,” Jamal Jumaa warns, “goads the Palestinians, through economic cooperation, into recognising the presence of the Israeli settlements. What’s more, with such starting points, the benefits for the Palestinians will be minimal to say the least, since our farmers will never have the necessary tools to be at the top of the managerial pyramid and therefore they will have to make do with the crumbs that drop off the table.”

Even the building of “Morajat Road” seems to confirm Jumaa’s warnings. Officially, this road, as conceived in the plan, has the task of making the movements of the local goods and farmers along the Jordan Valley easier. Actually, it allows Israel to bar Palestinian traffic from state roads connecting Jerusalem to the Jericho area, thus it has a share in the development of the twofold traffic system—one for the Palestinians and one for the Israelis—which the UN spokesman for human rights himself, John Dugard, has described as being “semi-apartheid”. It is worthwhile to remember that the “Morajat Road” starts and ends with Israeli checkpoints.

Being allowed to criticise the “peace” and “development” patterns that were formulated at the Annapolis conference of the past month, as well as those ones emerging from Blair’s plans, is becoming an increasingly harder feat. Yet, some Arab regimes that maintain close relationships with the Bush administration are starting to have some doubts. Yesterday, while in Paris it was decided to provide Abu Mazen’s PNA with hefty financial aid, more than a few people wondered whether the Arab States will fulfil the obligations they undertook towards the Palestinian President the past month in Annapolis. Egypt and Saudi Arabia, in fact, seem to be reluctant to unreservedly take the side of Abu Mazen and to keep Hamas at a distance, which has controlled Gaza since last June.

Precisely from the Palestinian President’s entourage, it has been rumoured that Saudi Arabia is reconsidering the promise of covering half of the PNA’s yearly deficit (this year: 1.4 billion dollars). What’s more, only 80 out of 421 billion dollars that the Arab States granted to Abu Mazen in 2007 have been delivered.

On one hand, Saudi Arabia sides with Abu Mazen while on the other, it heistates in breaking off relations with Hamas, which represents an important portion of the Palestinian population.

Some day ago, the Hamas leader in exile, Khaled Meshaal, was warmly welcomed in Riyad by the Saudi establishment and therefore it is not surprising that the meeting was harshly criticised by the Palestinian President’s staff.

Translated by Diego Traversa and revised by Mary Rizzo, members of, network of translators for linguistic diversity.

Italian source: