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Auntie Ziona – Here comes trouble…

Auntie ZionaAnti-Zionist Jews or Jewish Auntie Ziona? We’re starting to see double! Just when you thought the days of being the loudest, proudest Jewish Anti Zionist fighting like mad against any other anti-Zionists and calling them Anti-Semites without any real reason to do so (especially if they were Jews) were long gone, a new blog pops up, and its name is hauntingly familiar… Auntie Ziona Against Auntie Simone at http://azvas.blogspot.com/

So who is that “New Kind on Ze Block?” It’s a lady in her 60s from Golders Green, London, quite a gezunte Moid who loves tradition so much, she wears the same frocks her mother passed down (but she feels like a yefayfeyeh). From the looks of it, she doesn’t pretend to be hip like the Real Cool and Very Hip folks at Jewdass. She doesn’t party, much less does she think it’s nice to spend money to buy Challa when she can make a ten kilo loaf herself, cut it into daily portions and store it in the freezer because she found out it’s kashress. She doesn’t claim to read every paper about Jewishness like the Real Intellectual and Very Modern folks at Jews Sans Frontieres. She seems to get all her information from relatives. She does like politics and does imagine she knows who all the bad guys are… those who “should know better”, to quote a “famous” Palestinian page on a site. And in this, she is exactly like that tumler of her nephew that helped her set up a blog to look just like his, hoping it would increase his readership from three to ten so that he can get a Leftist Minyan going.

Auntie Ziona has the same obsession that her nephew does of stressing that when he talks, people listen because he is Jewish, she is proud of her tribe and decided to join the Ghetto of the Jewish Blogosphere to get her slice of the action. Also, because if you disagree with anything said, you get called Anti-Semite, and she likes that!

I don’t know if I feel like challenging her worldview, but she seems to want attention, and she might even get some. Look at me, even.. giving her a plug… She even has polls set up. The woman wants to connect. I don’t agree with her, but I hope she has better luck with the Blogger censors than I do. Freedom of speech and all that. So, Mazel Tov, Tante. And remember: Ein Blog iz mir!!