Palestine Think Tank

If you’re wondering why I’ve been “absent”, it’s because I’ve been working very hard! The new site has loads of new material every day, and I haven’t yet had time to cross post it here, but will do.

In the meantime, bookmark that site, this blog will remain to reprint some of those papers as well as featuring a few things you won’t find there that deal with other issues.


7 responses to “Palestine Think Tank

  1. Natural science

    Ms. Rizzo, Do you get the update of “peacepalestine wordpress” stopped?

    I cannot understand that Mr. Atzmon Mr. Eisen and Mr. Shamir do not join Neturei Karta in a struggle at all.

    Is not there the person knowing a lot about “the Greenstein Atzmon trial”?

  2. Natural science

    Ms. Rizzo, I understand that you cannot clarify it in the legal tactics at all.

    I want only to learn the public trial schedule.

    If trial schedule in itself is the part of tactics, I do not ask it it at all.

    But I am thankful when I can clarify the past trial because I do not mind in a range to be able to clarify if there is not hindrance.

    In Mr. Atzmon Mr. Eisen Mr. Shamir and Ms. Rizzo, was it refused cooperation by the reason of “Non-Orthodox Judaist” from Neturei Karta?

  3. Hi Mary, new post about the Greenstein affair here. See you in the comments section if you wish. Greenstein appreared in the comments section here.

  4. Natural science

    Ms. Rizzo, At last I was able to understand a feeling of Jung.

    I have pride in the thing who is “”enfant terrible”” very much.

    You did consideration to a “”GOY”” like me; thank you very much.

    I think that Chossudovsky Petras and Neturei Karta should cooperate with Mr. Atzmon Mr. Eisen Mr. Shamir and you, but Mr. Atzmon Mr. Eisen Mr. Shamir and you do not seem to have the mind, and I understood that the Datong solidarity of the real anti-Zionist Jewish was impossible.

    I think that I damage Mr. Atzmon Mr. Eisen Mr. Shamir and you, but take the original action.

  5. Good evening. To answer your question, yes, I’d be honored. Thanks for asking. Here’s to great success with the new site.

  6. aliyaallzionists

    Informative site:
    I can see how it must be difficult to keep both sites going. Lots of work! (Unpaid, too).
    Blessed are the peace makers…

  7. Feel free to download screensaver and wallpaper FREE PALESTINE from my blog..

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