Censorship and Press Freedom: at home and away

Today marks the celebration of International Day of Press Freedom. Like many celebrations that we are called to recognise, rather than feel joy at how wonderful things are, we are reminded of just how much goes haywire. Reporters Without Borders lists those killed in 2007. They write that there has been: 129 journalists, 7 media assistants and 63 cyberdissidents jailed, 8 journalists killed since the beginning of the year, the latest in the list of horrors, Fadel Shanaa.

While all normal people with conscience recognise that it is essential to insist upon obtaining justice for the operators of information who are killed while doing their work in areas where violence is manifest, we notice that there are other ways to prevent the dissemination of information, and this restriction of freedom is nothing less than censorship.

I remember thinking that censorship was something done in the 40s by priests who had to approve the films that the Italian public was allowed to watch. When I was young and naïve, I thought it was something that only totalitarian or ultra-repressed societies would dare to use. I now know much better, and it’s not only the Big Media that simply does not allow content in that they disapprove of, it is far more sinister. It seems as though the journalists are aware of what is expected of them and they produce it without needing to be steered. In 2004, I translated portions of a book by Giulietto Chiesa that I consider to be fundamental reading. An excerpt of it states:

It is very evident that these dutiful defenders of America will not allow the powerful, or should we say “the Power”, to be criticised in any way whatsoever. These are people already well versed in the art of bowing and scraping to “the Power”, wherever it may be, so just think what they’ll be like when “the Power” actually becomes “the Empire”! So, quite often, they find themselves in the inglorious position of defending those who already have ample defensive (and offensive) capabilities of their own. And there are lots of these defenders: the majority of political commentators, for example, would never have got where they are without giving cast iron proof of their absolute loyalty to “the Power”.

All this needed time to come about. It was a long, complex and contradictory gestation. It didn’t all go smoothly, as always happens when the forces in play are real and not the abstract schemes of utopians that just happen to be in power. You make your plans as you go along, on the spur of the moment, but then you need intellectuals to give them form, glorify them in the eyes of the public, ennoble them and explain them. These propagandists have to be trained, convinced and, if necessary, bribed and corrupted. And then all obstacles, doubters, non-believers and wise guys have to be got out of the way. Playing it clean if possible, but dirty if necessary. For those of you who’ve forgotten, an instructions manual has already been written for this and it’s enough to follow it. It’s called The Prince by Nicholas Macchiavelli and it’s free, because it’s out of copyright.

The aim, therefore, is to stifle the discussion and silence the adversaries, an aim that is much more ideological than you would care to think. It also explains perfectly, for example, why the whole of the Italian press (and not only the Italian press) often say the same things. The rule is that the people controlling the media have to be totally reliable: they don’t even have to be told what to say. They already know it by heart. They have already internalised the rules of the game. Being reliable is something that requires lengthy training and considerable single-mindedness. On every level of the information hierarchy you have to prove that you have a total disregard for the truth, a complete readiness to deceive and an absolutely impenetrable cynicism. This, as a rule, is the only way of getting up to the next level.”

Yes, absolutely impenetrable cynicism is the key to containing any adversaries to “the Power”. And, what is quite interesting is that in our day and age, anyone with access to a computer is allowed to enter at some level of the information hierarchy by contributing to forums, leaving comments to articles, writing letters, and the latest and most popular form of this is to create a weblog that reflects one’s own musings and at times the information one finds and would like to share.

Weblogs are the ideal for the technically inept as well as being cost free or with very limited costs. This is why there are millions of them. A social network has grown out of these weblogs, and that is the blogging community. Most of us with a blog have a blogroll, listing blogs that are about topics that we or our readers are interested in, blogs by our friends and links that we would like to share with someone else in a public way. Sometimes we add the links with distraction (and putting them up doesn’t mean endorsing all content or even knowing who the owner is, as some try to use as an excuse to attack bloggers whose own content stands up to attacks by critics who would love to see the blogs shut down), sometimes because we read an article on the blog that we liked and add to the blogroll so that we can check out the rest later. At any rate, the blogging community has grown into a unit where we are dedicated supporters of other bloggers and we stand united in moments of difficulty.

The Palestine – Iraq blogging world has been recently under severe attack. Our blogs are being targeted for destruction. In the past few weeks, many of us have seen a spam note from Blogger. Machetera wrote about the censorship in a series of articles (also here). This spam note has driven Desert Peace’s Steve away (and his contribution to this post follows), and I shortly followed suit, not without having undergone the violence against the principle of Voltaire brought upon me by Tony Greenstein.

In fact, there are many who call themselves progressives or leftists who love censorship. In the very words of Tony Greenstein, in an article he wrote, bragging that my blog was “dead”, he stated that he had worked to exercise the power of censorship. He decides what is appropriate. He is the arbiter of the truth and the judge of the limits of discourse. He determines single-handedly who has got to be flushed down the wastewater system. But, he is wise enough to recognise his limits. He can’t do it alone. No one listens to him, so he has to enlist the help of “the Power”.

“It is gratifying to announce that the anti-Semitic sewer, going by the name of ‘PeacePalestine’ has now died a death. After I had it taken down for a day or so, because of its libellous comment, Google decided in any case it was a ‘spam’ blog. Who are we to disagree?!!!”

Apparently, he doesn’t know not only did Google not find it anti-Semitic OR libelous, which were his claims, resulting in its immediate reinstatement, but Tony doesn’t know that Spam Blogs are computer generated blogs to sell things or increase profit in some way.

Yet, Tony himself claims that he too received the spam notice, bringing him into that honourable category of the enemy of the Zionists who are operating to close their opponents down.

“But I’ll let fartypants into what I think is the story and it’s not one of censorship. I wrote to Google not so long ago saying that there was stuff that was personally libellous and yes they should take the whole of the cesspit down. However they decided not to and Rizzo was the one who crowed over that.

Now she has moved the blog anyway because it was deemed a ‘spam’ blog. The secret is that this blog was also blocked for the same reasons. What that meant was that nothing could be posted here for a day or two. It was an automatic process triggered by the software Google use, nothing to do with censorship. Clearly Rizzo had had enough and maybe wanted to put the past, including all the racist rubbish behind her (here’s hoping) and make a fresh start. let’s hope so.

I don’t know whether Google is particularly pro-Zionist, after all when I tried to get the blog taken down they refused. However I’m indifferent as to whether or not they take an anti-Semitic blog down because it’s libellous.To be blunt I couldn’t care less if one section of the Right censors another section. I regard Rizzo’s blog and the activities of those like Atzmon around it as doing nothing but a service for Zionism. It is no accident that when it comes to the historica division in diaspora Jewry between the anti-Zionist Bund and the Zionists, that Atzmon clearly and explicitly takes the side of the latter. If this is pro-Palestinian then fine.”

Now, let’s look carefully at what’s behind his claims.

First of all, he admits that he acted to get me shut down, and it is because of the content, deeming at any rate (falsely) that it is in the Right, as if that alone were reason enough to have it shut down: Hmmm, take a look at this quote by Noam Chomsky-

“If you believe in freedom of speech, you believe in freedom of speech for views you don’t like. Goebbels was in favor of freedom of speech for views he liked. So was Stalin. If you’re in favor of freedom of speech, that means you’re in favor of freedom of speech precisely for views you despise.”

And John Pilger writes:
“If we don’t believe in free expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.”

Obviously, Tony hides behind the white flag of it being libelous, which was deemed untrue by Google. Then he claimed it was anti-Semitic, and there again, they ran it through their machines and they disagreed. So, it comes down to the matter of it being “on the Right”, which to him is good enough reason to have it closed, and I do dare him to show even ONE post that is on the Right, we remain with the real reason. It’s just his personal despising of me and of those whose right to free speech I ardently defend and support. Tony does not believe in my right of expression, nor in that right being allowed for a long list of people. If he were in a totalitarian State, what would his actions be? He would be the censorship boss of the Minculpop at the very least, which is the activity he engages in more than any other and it has been widely documented on my blog. In fact, he would be just another weird figure in the cyberspace if he were not so hellbent on censorship, which is what my blog community fights against. Those who do not believe in freedom of expression don’t even know when they are acting as censors or even that they do so. They find an ideological and “progressive” reasoning for it, without ever having to support that there is any truth behind their gagging. If he can’t shut them down or have them kicked out of town, he writes articles against all of his critics and at times, we even have to waste precious time to correct his myriad errors.

Yet, it is interesting to note, that while he thinks Blogger and Google are not particularly pro-Zionist, why is it that when he claims he has gotten the same spam note, and it was resolved in a jiffy, Steve’s blog, my blog, Layla Anwar’s blog, Crimes and Corruption of the New World Order and now Laila El-Haddad’s Raising Yusuf and Noor (A mother from Gaza), have all together found this “robot” so unkind and deliberately rude. It doesn’t respond to our letters, it lies that in 4 days it will take care of everything. Tony is certain it’s all bona fide… What more proof do we need that it’s a pro-Zionist for real?

Google has some more to answer for as well. Google has stopped indexing Uruknet as a news source. This is not the first time. I must have at least 10 letters in my archives to them regarding this matter, none of them had received any kind of feedback, although I encourage all to write to them (Uruknet has a form prepared on this link so that you can easily let Google know you are on to what they are doing to the most important source of information on Iraq). The webmaster of Uruknet is of an intelligence and dedication that are not rare, they are unique. She has indicated some interesting statistics to me about the indexing:

Google news has not only stopped indexing Uruknet, but it has blacklisted articles of other sites that cite Uruknet. For example, it indexes UN Observer, but it has not put in this article: http://www.unobserver.com/layout4.php?id=4725&blz=1 because, obviously, it cites Uruknet. http://news.google.com/news?hl=en&tab=bn&scoring=n&q=site%3Awww.unobserver.com&btnG=Search. If an article of any site cites a word of Uruknet, it is immediately pushed off by google.news. (Now I see why my stuff has vanished from there! Not only is Uruknet my favourite site, I think we would all be lost without it).

Google.com censors not only 90% of Uruknet, but also the sites that cite it as can be detected by the results of google.com search for the word “uruknet”: 188,000. The same search by yahoo.com 1,240,000.

Do we need any more proof? But, don’t go thinking that they don’t want any news about Iraq to get out. The webmaster of Uruknet tells me that a US-Friendly blog about Iraq was initially given the ‘spam’ treatment, but, like Tony’s site, it was quickly reinstated once the content was judged as being just fine with “the Power”.

Following the contribution of Steve, who, as another victim of this campaign, I will list a few things that I consider advice for other bloggers.

Steve writes:

Musings from one whose freedom was denied….



How dare I, a Jew living in Israel criticise the injustices practiced in my country. How dare I speak out against the genocide of my brothers on the other side of the wall of apartheid.


Try to censor me if you must, but I assure you I will not be silenced.

Daily Kos was the first to cut me off with a ban…. I dared to defend my brother and friend Benjamin Heine. He too dared to criticise the inhumane policies of zionism…. he too was banned from Daily Kos. The post that got me banned can be seen HERE.

Just what is Daily Kos afraid of?

Blogspot was the next culprit that attempted to silence me. Early in January I logged in as usual only to find that ‘Robots have determined that my Blog is a Spam Blog’. I was given the opportunity to challenge this ‘charge’ via an automated response. I was assured that I would receive an answer with 4 days. In 4 days I received another automated answer with the same ‘charges’. This ‘game’ continued for FOUR months until finally, without notice, my Blog was unlocked. By then, I had moved on to greener pastures and choose not to use Blogger any longer, feeling that their censorship game was not worth the hassle and I would rather Blog than engage in a fight with closed minded Websites.

Attempts to silence others continues. The zionists actively engage in desperate ways to have Blogs closed down. Most notable among these is one Tony Greenstein, a resident zionist in Britain. He has made it a full time job writing letters, falsely accusing pro Palestinian bloggers of anti Semitism, among other things. His prime targets are Mary Rizzo of PeacePalestine, and Gilad Aztmon, an ex Israeli also living in Britain. He claims to be an anti zionist himself, but I have yet to see him attempt to close down their vicious sites or attack them. His actions are contemptible, as he himself is.

The censorship continues; Google not only owns and controls Blogger, it also owns YouTube. A video depicting the crimes against the people of Palestine and five minutes later it is removed from YouTube. Again I ask, what are they afraid of?

As I mentioned earlier, ‘try to censor me if you must, but I assure you I will not be silenced!’

I say this on behalf of all of my Brothers and Sisters who went through the same hassles as I did. We will all continue to spread the truth and the truth will make us free!


Mary’s tips for bloggers:
1) Back up all your material. I learned this the hard way, and if not for my faithful group of friends, I don’t know how I would have salvaged almost 4 years of material.
2) Create a mirror blog with a completely different provider. It takes moments to open a new blog, so register your name and convert your content. You never know when you may need it.
3) You CAN still work with your Blogger template, so leave a message for your readers that you have moved. I found this out weeks later, and in the meantime, many readers were disoriented. Two had done an international phone search (unsuccessfully) and in the end reached someone close to me to get the number, because they thought I was dead. Now how is THAT for readership loyalty!
4) If possible, go for private hosting options. This week, Haitham, Gilad and I are going to unveil our newest creation. Not that private hosts are failsafe, but they are certainly not going to be arbitrarily censored by the provider or those who the provider serves.
5) Build and maintain a network community. They will come to your aid when you need it, they will inform others of your tribulations. This means not only that you share readership and exchange tips and material, but you can depend upon them when push comes to shove. I have not been let down by these people, and their generosity and kindness is only equalled by their intelligence. Not only bloggers are part of the community, but commenters and readers.
6) Open a blog or site yourself. The more voices we have out there, the harder it will be to censor us all.
7) Defend the sites under attack, and don’t be afraid of not being “indexed” if you link to a good site. If and when Google dies, another site will come to replace it. There is an alternative to everything, but there is no alternative to the right of freedom of expression of an individual, of the unique character of his or her site, and that is what we MUST defend, in order to support the causes we care about.


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  2. excellent post, thank you Mary….

    Just discovered there is a site offering blog back-ups now, and it’s just out of the beta stage… tried it and it is simple and easy to use, and takes a few minutes to back up one’s entire blog the first time, then after that it runs automatically on a daily basis. It’s at:


  3. thanks Earthheal!
    Dave from Israel’s 60th Birthday suggests this:

    I’ve already claimed my URL. This is something that all bloggers might consider doing as well.

  4. Excellent work, as usual, Mary. The thing I find most troubling in your story is the power Google has to de-index a site such as uruknet and any stories that cite it. They have such power to limit the distribution of alternative news and keep it segregated in a little corner of the Internet where it can be kept under control. For this reason, it’s really important to encourage the use and development of alternate search engines and video distribution platforms, although I fear it may already be too late.

  5. brilliant post Mary….

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  7. “How dare I, a Jew living in Israel criticise the injustices practiced in my country. ”

    I would like to make a slight correction to your above statement.

    How dare I, a jew living in Occupied Palestine………

    As for the censorship, that is to be expected from the jews in power.

  8. “The thing I find most troubling in your story is the power Google has to de-index a site such as uruknet and any stories that cite it.”

    What does one expect from a company that can pay $4 BILLION for jewtube.

  9. I don’t know who the above is, the email does not look bona fide. I believe that here we have someone who is putting in a comment “Jewtube” so that my blog gets harassed by Tony and company and others who think that it is normal praxis to attack a blog by signalling in on anonymous comments and comments by other people as if they are representative of the blog or blogger. It also stands out because there was some vitriol reserved for Steve, who is a courageous blogger risking a lot more for his views than someone in Australia who does not even use a real name.

    I am leaving this in as an example of this for readers to also be aware of.

    On another note, I have just learned from the Webmaster of Uruknet that Google has indeed been monitoring the goings on here. The UN Observer article cited (that was not indexed by Google, although later articles were) has just been indexed… Either they want to make us look like liars or they are trying to cover their trail of censorship. Even if both are true, Uruknet has the records of all of it as evidence, should there be doubts about US watching THEM.

    Now isn’t this getting interesting?

  10. Machetera: you said ‘it’s really important to encourage the use and development of alternate search engines and video distribution platforms’… I agree, and would love to have more info about these alternatives. Do you happen to have a list available?

  11. Sorry but hate speech and opinion isn’t news. if you arent fact checking and just reposting what some other biased anonymous entity has posted its less then news.

    if you aren’t happy with how and which sites google chooses to index you should start your own search able news site. if people like they will come.

  12. bARABien your ‘correction’ is duly noted, but your tone reeks of pure anti Semitsm. There is one thing that has to be understood, that being the FACT that not all Jews are zionists. It has also recently been established that not all zionists are Jewish.

    It is easy, as Mary pointed out, to be critical of policies in Israel from the outside. Among the 100 signatories in a recent letter to The Guardian are some that not only take great pride in criticising the policies of Israel, but exercise even more effort in criticising the work of those involved in the anti zionist movement. You leave bits of ‘bait’ for the Greensteins to bite into. Guess what? We are on to the like of those that play that game and we don’t play along with it… it’s a one sided effort that will lead nowhere and help no one.
    If you are genuinely interested in helping the people of Palestine, then do so…. don’t talk about it…. DO IT!

    It is easy to fall into that trap, and also, as Mary indicated you personally might fall into that grouping.

  13. Einar left this comment on “about”.

    Hallo Mary, a great article. The attack on free expression is going on worldwide with very few exceptions (f.i. Venezuela). And not since yesterday. I recommend everybody to read “The Brass Check” by Upton Sinclair written nearly 100 years ago. With love Einar

  14. It is pretty much official that Google is aware of the fact that we are on to them. It might be a coincidence, that there is this article, or that many people have been writing letters to Google, or even that the sites that use Uruknet as a source and find themselves not listed in google.news complained. Whatever it is, Google has had to change its game somewhat.

    As of today, the articles that were published in other sources citing Uruknet as their source, are indexed, but Uruknet itself is not! The comparison of the indexing done prior to this article and after it shows that since the latest (in a long series) of Google Blackouts of Uruknet, which dates from 5 days ago, has allowed those other sites to be shown, while of course, Uruknet is still censored. I suppose they think that this hasn’t been noticed, but they are wrong.

    I am trying to get myself out of the habit of using Google, but it’s not easy! I used to use Altavista a lot before I got a Blogger account, that sort of throws all kinds of Google products at you, desktop search, Gmail, etc., so it does take some effort to utilise other sources, but I will try to do it.

  15. From The Cat’s Dream (in my inbox)
    Liberation; Truth’s Traitor
    Felicity Arbuthnot

    The world is about to witness more “justice” in Iraq. It will be summary execution, ordered by a U.S. convened Court, under United States and United Kingdom jurisdiction and responsibility, as occupying forces. Another trial, another lynch mob, this time of Iraq’s former Deputy Prime Minster and Foreign Minister, Tareq Aziz, which began on 29th April and will resume on 20th May.

    Continues http://www.uruknet.info/?p=m43687&hd=&size=1&l=e

    If the link doesn’t work(*), here the original link: http://www.unobserver.com/layout5.php?id=4737&blz=2

    (*) http://uruknet.info receives daily many hacking attempts. If the website is slow or it does not answer, you can recall one of the other web sites:


    Is the freedom of the Internet coming to an end?

    Action Alert!

    Censorship and Press Freedom: at home and away
    Mary Rizzo, Peacepalestine

  16. Roger Hereux


    I’m one among millions of anonymous supporters of your cause, and as the time of the bitter 60th anniversary of Nakba becomes closer, I want to share some thoughts with you. Maybe my ideas wouldn’t be very original, but so far I don’t have find them articulated in the pro Palestinian networks (many of whom I visit regularly).

    First of all, I want to offer you my congratulations.

    Maybe it sounds bizarre, in the current circumstances, but I really think you deserved it. After all, from almost 60 years you have been submitted to a brutal juggernaut. But you are still resisting, and in spite of what the zionists want, you are not going anywhere.

    You are not the first people in history confronted to a strong enemy with oppressive and evil deeds. Confronted wit the partition of Poland, Rousseau wrote in 1772 beautiful lines about such a situation (the Considerations on the Government of Poland , which seems to me a great material for the oppressed) while I’m certainly not Rousseau, and unlike the Poles you haven’t asked for my thoughts, I hope that they could be somewhat useful for you. Also, excuse me if sometimes my writing could look patronizing, which is truly not my intention.

    As you know, some of these unfortunate peoples had not stood the assaults against them, but many more had made it. The history of decolonisation since the end of World War II is full of examples about that. In light of that there are some basic questions related to the liberation struggle that are always worth asking:

    What are the handicaps that you confront in your struggle?
    What are the advantages that you have in your struggle?
    What of the advantages are the most necessary for maintain, and in time improve your position?

    The answers to that questions change constantly, according to the historic moment, but normally there always are both handicaps and advantages (you know that the military weakness, for example, can be both according to the context). I don’t want spend much time in the handicaps. There are basic factors widely known, like the technological rift and the complicity of the west so-called “international community”, besides, you are the most appropriated for think about it.

    About the advantages that you got, I wish to emphasize a couple of them. They have been mentioned many times, but seldom I had found political strategies articulated around them.

    These facts are your well-known high fertility rate, and your less known (at least in the west) determination for remain in the Palestinian land.

    As you know, zionists are well aware of these facts, and in their warmongering mentality, perceived them like a threat. In that, I think they’re right, and the combination of these traits with a strong determination can weaken in a relatively short timeframe the zionist policy, in spite of the disproportion of forces between you and them. I ask for your comprehension if I often have to repeat somewhat obvious statements, but is only on the interest of clarify my argument.

    You know that one of the strongest slogans in the zionist propaganda machine is the motto of Israel as “the only democracy in the middle east”

    You know that, in light of that, zionists are really worried about the possibility of became a minority population in Palestine (between the Mediterranean and the Jordan river)

    You know also that this zionist nightmare is in the brink of become reality, In fact, there is the possibility that it had already happened.

    Such an scenario seriously undermines the Israeli position, and in doing so, improves your options of a better leverage against zionism. So, it is important for the defence of the Palestinian consolidate such an status quo. It seems therefore that the traits of high birth rate and permanence on the land should be strengthen as fast as possible and assumed as the core of a political strategy, because, as of now, there are your principal strength vis a vis Israel. Unlike you, their birth rates are not very big, and their sources of emigration are running dry fast. They even had had the necessity of faking Jews from India and Russia, some of the later, by the way, had turned off as neo nazis. Go figure!!!

    If you can consolidate that situation, If you can make that from here to 10 years the Jews be a clear minority in the area of historic Palestine, you will have advanced a long way toward your quest for justice (the shape that justice will take is obviously up to you), and maybe for the first occasion in a long time, you’ll have a strong position from wich confront the zionist onslaught. What is required from you right now are these two points: maintain (or expand) your demographic advantage, and keep your feet firmly on your land.

    Of course, the opposite is also true. The only recent data that worry me (if truth) is the rumours that “opinion polls” show a high proportion on Palestinian youngsters wiling to emigrate if they could. I believe that such a decision will be a terrible mistake now, when the demographic tide is running strongly in your favour. Besides, you know that going out of occupied Palestine is a one-way only ticket. Nevertheless I find comforting the events of the great Gaza breakdown. In spite of what many people could have thought, almost all the gazans returned to the strip for keep on fighting.

    One can surely guess that the Zionists also know this situation, and because of that, They will try to kill, terrorize and make your lives miserable as hard as they can in order to achieve their ultimate goal of your expulsion (nakba all over again). You know that the only zionist creed is well expressed in their saying that things that are not accomplished trough force will be accomplished trough more force. But you also know that such a belief is bullshit. They have tried to expel you all of these long years, and the only thing that they have achieved is multiply you. From the roughly 1 million that you were en the eve of 1948, you are now 5 million of more in historic Palestine plus 5 million more in the neighbour countries.

    Right now, It’s up to you. In spite of the enormous sufferings and the ever increasing list of martyrs, the zionist project for your extinction have always failed against your determination and resilience. All my hopes are that you keep the situation like that.

    Probably I’m just stating the obvious, but if it’s not the case and these words are of some help to you, I’ll be more than happy

    With my best regards


  17. “but your tone reeks of pure anti Semitsm. ”


    Can you be anymore predictable and boring?

  18. “There is one thing that has to be understood, that being the FACT that not all Jews are zionists.”

    I have NEVER and i repeat, NEVER, said ALL jews are zionist scum.
    Don’t make accusations or insinuations which you can’t back up.
    That btw doesn’t change the fact that the MAJORITY of jews worldwide support israhell.

  19. “I don’t know who the above is, the email does not look bona fide.”

    You are right, it isn’t and that is because it’s “noneofyourbusiness” what my email address is.

  20. “It is easy, as Mary pointed out, to be critical of policies in Israel from the outside.”

    How about from underneath their missiles and bombs????
    Don’t try to detract from my message by inferring that i have not been at the receiving end of the jewish massacres inflicted on Arabs.

  21. “It also stands out because there was some vitriol reserved for Steve,”

    Would you like to show me where i attacked “Steve”??????
    My comments are there for EVERYONE to read.

  22. Dear Barabie, do you understand why a site like mine has to be sure that people who post (even if they are anonymous) are willing to be “real” to the adminstrator. Seeing as how this site and others are attacked and lawsuits are attempted to be drawn up based on the content of the comments, it is well within my rights to know who is sending comments that are going to be used as defamatory ones should someone do that. If you have a problem with it, what can I say. I don’t need to take the heat for any comment anyone puts up that is going to be used against me. Don’t like the rules then don’t use a blog like this where comments are imbedded in the same site.

  23. Regarding Steve, perhaps “attack” was a word that was too strong, but I’ve been blogging for a while, have never seen you, your first input is to go the extreme route, (everyone has their own style, but face it, someone who refuses to be real at least to me who has the dynamic threesome right in one post: stressing (without evidence) to be Arab, putting a strong comment about Jews and control in there, and refusing to use the name Israel, while at the same time singling out an Israeli who has the balls to be rabidly anti-Zionist in a place where this isn’t going to make him any friends – well, the question mark does loom rather large.) We’ve seen the tricks and manipulation by the thousands of infiltrates and fakes. Who’s to tell me you aren’t one? As far as I know, you are. You may not be, but loads of people go around saying they are something they are not.

    You can of course refuse to call it Israel. You will be one of the two or three I know. Most who do that will at least put it in quotes.

  24. “You can of course refuse to call it Israel.”

    How “generous” of you.
    I am guessing you are jewish.

  25. Btw, i don’t see how giving you my email address identifies me in anyway.
    My IP address could be used to track who i am more so than any email address i may supply you.
    Your excuse for wanting my email address is flimsy at best.

  26. “stressing (without evidence) to be Arab, putting a strong comment about Jews and control in there, and refusing to use the name Israel,”

    First, where in the hell did i “stress” i was Arab?????
    Secondly, i have every right to comment strongly or otherwise against the perpetrators of cold blooded violence. If one rapes your daughter, you would use the strongest possible language to refer to the maggot and hence my language regarding the jews occupying Palestine.
    Thirdly, “control in there”???? WTF is that supposed to mean?
    Unlike the jewish controlled media, i don’t agree with censorship.
    Fourthly, israhell is an illegal entity that needs to be wiped from the face of this Earth.

  27. Sure, the IP could be an internet cafe or library. Tells me a lot.

    Listen, you don’t like the rules, don’t play the game. No one is forcing you to comment here, or even to give your real name, although my name is public. My last blog that was censored had comments that were hosted elsewhere and embedded comments give censors far more power to use against me. Try to grow up or understand it. The tendency is to censor anything with flimsy excuses, so giving anyone at all permission to do what they want, (anonymously much less) could easily be used to bring down this site. I’ve seen enough to know better and your whole come in and tear the place down attitude isn’t earning you any trust in my book. I don’t owe you anything, so take my comments or leave them, I really don’t care.

    How generous of me, sure… I’m just noting some stuff that the infiltrates do, maybe it could come in handy for you. Inverted quotes won’t kill you, and this seems to be what most people have learned to use.

  28. B: First, where in the hell did i “stress” i was Arab?????

    MR: It’s in the pseudonom, unless your keylocks is just goofy.

    B: Secondly, i have every right to comment strongly or otherwise against the perpetrators of cold blooded violence. If one rapes your daughter, you would use the strongest possible language to refer to the maggot and hence my language regarding the jews occupying Palestine.

    MR: Seems to me you are talking about all Jews. Sure, loads of them do own and buy out all the companies. But, here you are, talking about Israelis yet, in your comments, it was only Jews, and all of them, at that. Did you happen to know that a load of them don’t give a shit about Israel or Zionism? They are just as brainwashed as the average American or European.

    B: Thirdly, “control in there”???? WTF is that supposed to mean?
    Unlike the jewish controlled media, i don’t agree with censorship.

    MR: playing naive, are we? Look, you even had to guess I was Jewish because you don’t like how I run the comments. Go Join Greenstein and Google while you are at it. Want to close down this blog? I won’t let you. I’ve explained that embedded comments work differently and if you can’t figure that out, this is your own problem.

    B: Fourthly, israhell is an illegal entity that needs to be wiped from the face of this Earth.

    MR: this is the invitation for the censors to go for me and the Zionists who have outed themselves to go for you. Have fun dealing with them, I’ve got better things to do.

  29. Google has just spammed Laila with their dirty trick of censorship too…

  30. bARABie is a Zio-spammer i recognize from “Angry arab”, he somethimes also sign his nonsense “Happy arab”.

  31. “he somethimes also sign his nonsense “Happy arab”.”

    BULLSHIT, you lying jewish maggot.
    I have NEVER used “happy Arab”, a jewish maggot uses that name.
    You know so much about me that you can’t even get my sex right. 🙂
    Mary, if you are that curious about who i am, ask Layla or Paola.

  32. “this is the invitation for the censors to go for me and the Zionists who have outed themselves to go for you. ”

    So they managed to make you perform as they want. tsk tsk tsk.
    I say BRING IT ON.
    I will not be silenced by a bunch of murdering power hungry jewish maggots.
    As long as i am breathing, i will speak the truth REGARDLESS.

  33. “B: First, where in the hell did i “stress” i was Arab?????

    MR: It’s in the pseudonom, unless your keylocks is just goofy. ”

    So if my nickname has the word Arab capitalized then i am “STRESSING” i am Arab????

  34. I’m not curious as to who you are, so I don’t have to ask Paola, who probably just knows you as a “none of your business” cyber anonymous poster who could be anything at all. I know all I need to know just by seeing how you act. You are a rude idiot who comes with guns blazing attacking anyone who might be a jew. Why? Because they are Jewish, as seems to be the criterion. You don’t know this blog, so what Truth are you speaking “regardless”?
    Nah, don’t even respond. I couldn’t care less. You want this blog to close? That’s all I need to know about you. It’s enough to make you a Zionist in my book.


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