new feature on peacepalestine… Gabbly Chat

You thought you could never again speak your mind here on good old peacepalestine? Well, I deleted the comments feature, only because of due to a heavily increased workload, I could barely come in to check it out and delete the offensive comments. Yes, a blog like this seems to attract a lot of this. I do miss the intelligent comments and have gotten letters from frequent commenters asking me to please reinstate the comments feature. For the time being, since I don’t want the same problem to start all over again, and to give this blog a little something new, I have embedded at the bottom of the page a chat box. Those who are visiting the site at the same time, if they wish, can exchange greetings, thoughts and whatnot. Please, if you use this, be courteous with the other people you are talking to, or I will yank this too!

have fun! it’s at the bottom of the page for the time being.


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